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Are you prepared for the future of work culture?

Are you prepared for the future of work culture? The internet has broken down our day to day life to the simplest form. From groceries, clothes, accessories to food and travel and shelter, our lives have become quick and simple…

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Office goals? Here we Come!

Office goals? Here we come!                                                               We all realize that we spend most part of the day at work and our mental stability depends on how our workplace is, how our colleagues are and how efficient we are every day. The…

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3 Simple Hacks to Celebrate Holi at Workplace

holi celebration at workplace

3 simple hacks to celebrate Holi at workplace Festivals are synonymous to celebrations. The festival of color? Well, we all know how exciting it is to celebrate Holi. Colors, sweets, music.. a whole load of fun! How do you host…

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6 Reasons why Sholinganallur is Chennai’s new social hub

Sholinganallur is Chennai’s new social hub

There’s a vast difference between the Madras then and the Chennai now. The coastal city known for Marina beach, Central station, Superstar, Filter Coffee, Rippon building, Highcourt, hot idlies and mouth watery sambar, is now experiencing a burgeoning demand of…

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4 Famous Myths About Coworking Space

Co-working is a booming culture. It’s here to stay. There’s a lot of buzz going around about coworking and we are here to declutter and debunk them for you. Coworking is for hipsters and start-ups The idea of young minds…

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Finding the right office space in 2019

Coworking space in Mumbai

Are you Finding the right office space? Entrepreneurs of all kinds have one thing in common – they need space to work. A freelancer may not always want to work from home. A start-up founder knows that the team needs…

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Why every business needs a serviced office space

If you are looking for your first or next office space, you would have gone over the pros and cons of moving into a traditional office space. You would have realized that you either need to buy an office space…

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