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What coworking spaces can teach you

coworking space in Hyderabad

The concept of coworking is on the rise and how! The workforce is moving into these collaborative zones, and bidding good bye to traditional offices. One of the reasons is that there’s a sense of comfort, flexibility and productivity that’s…

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Business idea of the day with women entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

Women’s Day Special: Big Ideas that inspired these women to take the plunge “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” – Oprah Winfrey We’ve often heard people say ”this one big idea changed…

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Who I am makes a Difference to your Business

coworking space in Bangalore

The concept of evolution is almost always favourable to mankind. From desktops to laptops, cell phones to smartphones and one-storey buildings to skyscrapers – things seemed to have evolved to support and welcome the future. And more precisely to cater…

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Workafella Associates with Toyota Mobility Challenge for CATCH 2020

Coworking space in Bangalore

Cities across Asia are now experiencing exponential population growth because of urbanization. This eventually creates a host of new challenges including environmental issues. Enter the concept of ‘Smart Cities’. By leveraging upon the latest emerging information and communications technologies, critical…

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Scale up your business at Workafella Cyber Crown

office space in hitech city

Hyderabad is home to good food, old-world charm and royalty! Today, it is growing to embrace a new identity. It is now the city of tech-giants. From Apple to Google the who’s who of the tech world have marked Hyderabad…

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Namasté Workafella Episode 4: Kabadiwalla Connect

Coworking space in Bangalore

How do you like the thought of living in a world that’s cleaner, greener and with sustainable options? Do you know the key to reduce-reuse-recycle? A session by these experts at Workafella  Coworking space in Bangalore gave us the answers.…

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The Future of Coworking: Trends in 2020

Coworking spaces

When Coworking spaces first began, it gave people an opportunity to move out from traditional office spaces and coffee shops to a much better working environment. This environment brought people from different industries under one roof in a dedicated space.…

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