Workafella’s founder and Managing Director, Gurbinder Rattha credits its success to the lower real estate prices in OMR: “We can offer rates under ₹12,000 per seat, versus ₹13-14,000 in our offices in the city.” [Read More]

The nature of work and the way people approach it over the years have undergone drastic changes, it’s only fitting that the interior decor raises a toast to the times too. Chennai-based Workafella, that set shop in Hyderabad recently. [Read More]

Chennai: Former garment exporter turned developer Harinder Rattha is challenging WeWork to emerge as India’s largest co-working space operator as he hits the deal street to raise about $150 million at over $1 billion valuation. [Read More]

The city seems to have warmed up to the notion of co-working spaces in a big way, with new players making a foray into the business, which industry experts anticipate will overtake the traditional serviced office space by 2020. [Read More]

All in a Day's Work
With plush interiors, a plethora of services and round-the clock IT back-up, Workenstein, the latest entrant in the coworking space segment, is more than just a furnished office space. [Read More]