Coworking space in Bangalore

Coworking space in Bangalore

Workafella’s coworking space in Bangalore is all the rage! Our dynamic coworking space in Infantry Road, Bangalore has taken the city by storm. The sparkling new coworking space has an uber cool vibe to it with contemporary architecture and outstanding interior designs. We provide creative spaces for thinkers and doers.

It’s time to up the ante and incorporating improved shared office spaces is the best way to improve communication and collaboration.

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand why Workafella is the best fit for you:

  • We’re closer than you think - Workafella’s coworking space in Bangalore is a hop, skip and jump away from home for most people who live in the heart of the city. With proximity to the metro and bus station, you won’t have to worry about the notorious Bangalore traffic.
  • Complete Corporate Services - Members of our coworking spaces have 24/7 access to a fully serviced office with amenities such as high-speed internet connectivity, refreshing drinks and quick bites, valet parking and down to the detail essentials like showers and steam iron services. From overall maintenance with trained staff to high-security systems and smooth internal operations, we’ve got you covered.
  • Everything you need - Book a resplendent room for an overseas partner or client at a reputed hotel right next to Workafella’s coworking space in Bangalore. End your workday on a note of good health by covering your cardio at one of the various gyms right outside. Enjoy a lavish meal at a fancy restaurant after work, or shop till you drop at one of the lively shopping complexes. Work-life balance? You got it!

It’s hard to ignore the brilliance that Workafella’s high energy workspaces bring to the table when it comes to coworking spaces in Bangalore. We provide creative spaces to work and room to grow. Workafella’s coworking spaces are recognized across the country, as a treat for the senses, providing absolute comfort to help you glide through your work days with absolute ease. Take a look at our new coworking space in Bangalore.

When we say ‘Shared Office Space’ most people assume that we’re talking about Coworking Space for rent in Bangalore. This isn’t the case at all. A shared office space refers to a business ecosystem that comprises of private office spaces, coworking spaces, hives, and meeting rooms. Over the past few years, Shared office spaces in Bangalore, have become a huge hit. Why? We’ll break it down for you.

  • 1. Privacy, when you need it - If you want to be part of an actively networking community and still maintain your private workspace, the Coworking Space in Bangalore is the perfect setup for you. You can take a break and stop by the coworking spaces, the social hubs, and recreational spots, for a quick chat and then head on back to your private office space to work on your ideas alone. A shared office space setup ensures that you socialize when you want to and you find time alone when you need to. There is no forceful interaction, and there is no isolation either.
  • 2. Amenities, at an arm’s reach - A shared office space is run by a company that supplies all your requirements on a daily basis. Right from aromatic coffee, to cafeterias full of food courts, high-speed wifi, executive printing services and so much more. In fact, some business centers like Workafella, even provide shower rooms and steam iron services! So you can cycle to work as a part of our morning exercise routine, hop off and hop into the shower to get ready for work. The steam iron service will ensure your clothes are freshly pressed if you’re heading out again for a business meeting. These are just a few of the amenities that are available at a Coworking Space for rent in Bangalore.
  • 3. Productivity - A shared office space works wonders for most individuals as it puts them in an upbeat, high energy environment, full of professionals from different industries. The right combination of work and play ensures that everyone gets time to finish their work and still find time to connect with other members of the shared office space. This keeps people inspired and motivated. Apart from the social connections, the ergonomics that go into shaping a workspace environment are key to enabling an individual to work to his fullest potential. Modulated lighting, posture correcting seats, plush interiors, and creative decor help professionals feel at ease, and most importantly, valued!
  • 4. Networking - The most important aspect of running a business today is networking. Without people, you would never expand, never seal a deal, or never venture into new territories. This is impossible in a shared office space. By working closely with people from different fields, you are always exposed to new possibilities.

You’re about to move up...once you move in.

Workafella Business Centre – Bangalore
#150/1, Infantry Road,
Karnataka – 560001

Other Coworking Spaces

Workafella Coworking house in Bangalore is that the solely easy surroundings you’ll ever notice in Bangalore. we provide uninterrupted full fledge services to our customers. Even the sun could take rest, however we tend to don’t. we tend to worth every and each precious second of our client.

We maintain 100 percent transparency with our purchasers. There are not any additional charges or hidden stuff in our agreement. not like alternative corporations, we tend to don’t add any surprise valuation whereas asking. There square measure several perks on the market for the staff too. we offer free hot beverages, access to amenities and birthday celebrations. we tend to additionally offer instructional workshops, temperament development, and technical development programs too. Members will avail of these edges while not paying something additional.

We offer 24*7 access to our office and complete uninterrupted air-conditioning along with housekeeping and maintenance. We also provide tight security and surveillance.

Unlimited Perks

Coworking Space in Bangalore offers unlimited internet & telephone handsets, unlimited tea, coffee, water & fruit water. We do not charge for Utility bills including the electricity, water and building maintained. We offer dedicated front desks, Food court & café, complimentary meeting rooms, Discussion/whiteboard, Projectors, a Concierge desk, Documentation area, Folding meeting tables, and Valet parking.


Our additional add-on benefits include Doctor on call, Shower, Mini fridge, Kettle, Runner boys, Access to events, Steam iron and all Business support services.

Amenities available in our Business Centres

24x7 access to the office

24x7 Air-Conditioning

Unlimited internet & telephone handsets

24x7 surveillance & security

Unlimited tea| coffee | water | fruit water

Utility bills (electricity | water | building maintenance)

Front desk

Complimentary meeting rooms

Housekeeping & maintenance charges

Discussion/white board

Access to events

Food court | cafe

Concierge desk

Doctor on call

Documentation area

Business support services

Folding meeting tables


Runner boys

Steam iron

Valet parking*


Mini fridge*