Workafella’s Coworking space Chennai is the workspace we are talking about. It is designed to be adaptable to the needs of freelancers, small businesses, start-ups and even large corporates. SMEs, growing start-ups can rent out Workafella’s office space which can support a growing team. Workafella’s space is flexible for a team of any size.

Call it a workspace, call it a playground for minds, call it a greenhouse for brands. We call it Workafella.

Chennai Centers

Our Feature

Flexible office plans
Choose your office space as you require. Add more as you scale up.

Professional Social
Network with various different industries within Workafella Coworking.

All Inclusive
Pay one single bill for everything you avail for your workspace.

Business Ecosystem
We provide end-to-end business requirements.

Our Products

Office types to choose from

Coworking Space in Chennai

A few Workafacts exclusively for you!

What does our Coworking space Chennai offer you? Choose Workafella’s potpourri of benefits for you.

Carefully chosen location

Immerse yourself with top-notch amenities, at our Coworking space in Alwarpet, Nungambakam, Teynampet, Perungudi and Shollinganalur. With the luxury of accessibility and various amenities, Workafella’s coworking space is designed for a hub of smart minds.

Our Coworking space in Chennai is located in both the Central Business Districts and the IT corridors of the city. Spread across the city, we make it accessible to reach our workspace from every corner of the city and also allowing you to choose a location of your convenience.

Affordability and flexibility

Workafella Coworking offers a wide range of products that will flex to your needs and requirements. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small team or a large corporate office, we have products to cater you. We also provide the custom built feature where you can customise/design your office space according to your company’s culture.

Amenities and Lifestyle benefits

With our coworking comes a whole kit of amenities. Our Coworking space in Chennai is a complete business ecosystem. Our amenities include complimentary meeting rooms, 24/7 accessibility and air-conditioning, security, front-desk, maintenance, HR, housekeeping and also financial services. Extending our support one notch up, we offer you our lifestyle benefits. Workafella partners with various industries, reaching out to industries like transport, food, hotel to courier, laundry and other services.

Events and Networking

Strongly believing in keeping a steady work-life balance, our office space in Chennai conducts various interesting events, webinars, conferences and rendezvous on a regular basis. We strongly believe in helping our clients to network helping them loosen up from tight work schedule enabling them to build their professional front through our events.

The best Coworking space Chennai is here for you. Make the choice today.

Think workspace? Workafella it.