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  • 2024 Pongal / Makar Sankranti Celebrations at Workafella

    Pongal/Makar Sankranti Celebrations

    Date:12th January 2024

    Location:Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore & Mumbai

    We soaked up the festive atmosphere with a power-packed afternoon of celebrations across Workafella centers in India. Our offices held various Pongal/Makar Sankranti games and events including sweet Pongal tasting competitions, pot painting, rangoli, and kite flying contests.

  • Meet And Greet With Chennaiyin FC at Workafella Teynampet.

    CFC Meet & Greet

    Date:24th December 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    Chennai-based professional football club and our longstanding partner Chennaiyin FC held an exclusive Meet & Greet with fans at our Workafella High Street Center. Players interacted and played games with the audience and held signings for Chennaiyin FC merchandise.

  • Join Us at Workafella's Coworking Christmas Party 2023

    Christmas 2023

    Date:21st December 2023

    Location:Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore & Mumbai

    Ho ho ho, there was never a dull moment at our annual office Christmas Party! We put on our best party hats for an evening of great music, good vibes and delicious plum cakes while wrapping up the year with a laughter-filled event.

  • Workafella Celebrates Thalaivar Rajnikanth's Birthday at Teynampet

    Rajnikanth Birthday Celebration

    Date:12th December 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    The man, the legend, the OG!  At Workafella High Street Teynampet, we celebrated Kollywood superstar Rajnikanth’s birthday in true ‘Thalaivar’ fashion. Our clients enacted famous movie dialogues of our beloved actor and won epic Superstar goodies.

  • Free Health Checkup at Workafella Coworking Space in Bangalore

    Free Health Checkup

    Date:6th December 2023

    Location:Bangalore Infantry Road

    We believe health is wealth, hence at Workafella Bangalore Infantry Road, we organized a free health checkup for all our clients. Health practitioners checked participants against a host of ailments and performed tests for blood pressure, diabetes, and vision along with screenings for height, weight, and BMI measurements.

  • Celebrate Diwali with Workafella: Best Coworking Space in India

    Diwali 2023

    Date:9th November 2023

    Location:Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore & Mumbai

    Our offices across India witnessed a joyous takeover this Diwali with colourful celebrations ranging from ramp walks to a live DJ and more. Our clients and team members embraced the occasion in traditional style, participating in dance competitions and games, and winning prizes and gifts.

  • Pallaguzhi Contest at Workafella Coworking Space in Teynampet

    Pallanguzhi Contest

    Date:25th October 2023

    Location:High Street, Teynampet, Chennai

    Office games are always a great idea! Our Pallanguzhi contest was a hit among our clients and created a fun evening for awakening our inner child. Games promote positive competition and are a great way to nurture team building. Thanks to everyone who made the event a grand success.

  • Workafella Awarded Best Coworking and Enterprise Office Space 2023 by TOI

    TOI Awards 2023

    Date:29th September 2023


    Our Bangalore Infantry Road office marched into its 5th year with an evening of anniversary celebrations. We treated our clients to a host of activities including live music, games, and gifts. Congratulations to the whole team for reaching the milestone.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations at Workafella Mumbai

    Ganesh Chaturthi

    Date:22nd September 2023


    Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations were a raging success at our Workafella Goregaon center in Mumbai. We celebrated the event with live music & caricatures and got creative with our eco-friendly clay Ganpatis, ending the evening with unlimited pani puris and great food.

  • Come Together and Celebrate Onam at Workafella


    Date:25th August 2023

    Location:Teynampet - Chennai, Cyber Crown - Hyderabad.

    At Workafella, we immersed ourselves in the vibrant spirit of Onam! Our celebration was filled with traditional colors, flavors, and joy. From traditional attire to a rangoli competition, it was a great way for our community to come together and celebrate Onam.

  • Celebrated Independence Day 2023 at Workafella

    Independence Day

    Date:14th August 2023

    Location:Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Mumbai

    At Workafella, we celebrated Independence Day with pride and patriotism! Our spaces echoed with the spirit of freedom, unity, and progress. Together, we honored the nation's journey and embraced the vision for a brighter tomorrow

  • Spreading Greenery with Green Peace at Workafella Chennai


    Date:11th August 2023

    Location:Alwarpet, Teynampet, Nungambakkam, Sholinganallur & Perungudi - Chennai

    We organized a sapling giveaway in collaboration with Greenpeace across all our coworking spaces in Chennai. Together, we planted the seeds of a sustainable future.

  • Workafella Bangalore 5th Anniversary Celebration

    5th Anniversary Celebration

    Date:21st July 2023

    Location:Bangalore Infantry Road

    Our Bangalore Infantry Road office marched into its 5th year with an evening of anniversary celebrations. We treated our clients to a host of activities including live music, games, and gifts. Congratulations to the whole team for reaching the milestone.

  • Fun Friday at Workafella Was Nothing Short of Magical

    Magician Event

    Date:21st July 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    Fun Friday at Workafella was nothing short of magical! We had a mesmerizing magician artist who wowed us all with astonishing tricks and illusions.

  • Spreading Greenery with Green Peace at Workafella Hyderabad


    Date:14th July 2023

    Location:Western Aqua, Western Pearl, Cyber Crown, Banjara Hills - Hyderabad

    At Workafella, we proudly partnered with Greenpeace for a special initiative. We organized a sapling giveaway, spreading greenery and promoting environmental sustainability. Each sapling planted is a step toward a greener, healthier planet.

  • Fun Friday at Workafella with a Caricature Artist


    Date:30th June 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    Fun Friday came alive at Workafella with a talented caricature artist! Laughter echoed through our spaces as everyone enjoyed personalized, witty artworks. It was a day filled with creativity, smiles, and unforgettable moments.

  • Blood Donation Drive on Blood Donor Day 2023

    Blood Donor's Day

    Date:14th June 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    At Workafella, we actively participated in Blood Donor Day with a heartfelt blood donation drive. Our community came together to save lives, one donation at a time and made an impact.

  • At Workafella We Celebrated Mother's Day in Style

    Mother's Day

    Date:14th May 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    Moments of joy filled the air at Workafella as we celebrated Mother's Day in style! Our special event featured exciting giveaways and a delightful photo booth, capturing the beautiful smiles of all the amazing mothers.

  • Informative Session on World Day for Health and Safety at Work

    World Day For Health & Safety At Work

    Date:28th April 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    At Workafella, safety is our top priority. On World Day for Health and Safety at Work, we conducted an informative session followed by a thorough fire drill.

  • International Day of Happiness 2023 at Workafella

    International Day Of Happiness

    Date:20th March 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    We embraced the International Day of Happiness with open hearts and contagious smiles! Our spaces were filled with positivity, laughter, and a sense of community. Join us in spreading happiness, one workspace at a time. Because at Workafella, your joy is our priority!

  • Awareness Session by Department of Public Health

    Awarness Session

    Date:15th March 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    The Department of public health held an interactive awareness session on prevention of communicable diseases and hygiene practices to stay safe.

  • International Women's Day Celebration at Workafella Teynampet

    Women’s Day

    Date:9th March 2023

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    At Workafella, we celebrated International Women's Day with pride and admiration. We honored the strength, resilience, and achievements of women in our workspace.

  • Celebrated Christmas 2022 with Workafella


    Date:24th December 2022

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    At Workafella, we celebrated Christmas with joy and festive cheer! Our spaces were adorned with lights and laughter, creating a warm atmosphere for all. From singing carols to gifts, it was truly a magical time.

  • Greenpeace Awareness Drive in Workafella

    Green Peace

    Date:23rd & 28th November 2022

    Location:Chennai & Bangalore

    Toyota Mobility Foundation
    Workafella in collaboration with Greenpeace India conducted an Environmental Awareness Drive at Workafella (Chennai & Bangalore). We had more than 300 Volunteers and attendees who participated in the awareness drive.

  • Workafella celebrated Men's Day 2022

    Men's Day

    Date:19th November 2022

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    Workafella celebrated Men's Day with gratitude and recognition for the positive impact men make in our lives and society. Here's to honoring their achievements, contributions, and the strength they bring to the world.

  • World Kindness Day 2022 at Workafella

    World Kindness Day

    Date:13th November 2022

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    We celebrated World Kindness Day with love and compassion. Together, we spread smiles, shared warmth, and made a positive impact.

  • Halloween Celebration at Workafella, Teynampet

    Halloween Celebration

    Date:31st October 2022

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    We celebrated Halloween with spooky decorations and a Halloween dress-up contest.

  • Diwali Celebrations at Workafella Centres

    Diwali Celebrations

    Date:19th - 21st October 2022

    Location:Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai & Hyderabad

    At Workafella we celebrate Diwali in style. From talent shows to fun activities and games, we had a blast celebrating Diwali with our clients.

  • Workafella Celebrated Independence Day

    Independence Day Celebration

    Date:13th August 2022

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    Workafella celebrated Independence Day across all centres with various cultural activities. We conducted various games and cultural competitions for clients to participate.

  • CFC Jersey Launch at Workafella Teynampet

    CFC Jersey Launch

    Date:23rd July 2022

    Location:Teynampet, Chennai

    Chennaiyin FC Unveil their home and away kit ahead of the ISL 2022 Season at Workafella, Teynampet. Chennaiyin FC co-owners Vita Dani and Abhishek Bachchan along with players and head coach Thomas Bradaric attended the event.

  • Workafella to launch the CATCh3020

    City Architecture for Tomorrow Challenge

    Date:17th & 18th February 2020

    Location:Bangalore & Mumbai

    Toyota Mobility Foundation collaborated with Workafella to launch the CATCh3020 challenge in India. The roadshows that took place in Workafella centres at Bangalore & Mumbai, presented the audience with a chance to win a grand pool of $1.5 Million, Mentorship opportunities & solution deployment in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Workafella Presented the Futsal 2020


    Date:1st February 2020


    Workafella in association with Chennaiyin FC presented the Futsal 2020 challenge to its community. Six Workafella teams from Chennai competed on the turf and team Workafella Perungudi emerged victors! Chennaiyin FC winger Lallianzuala Chhangte felicitated the winners.

  • Namaste Workafella Episode 4

    Namaste Workafella Episode 4

    Date:9th January 2019

    Location:Workafella Nungambakkam, Chennai

    Namasté Workafella is proud to host one of India's most promising solutions for waste management and collection - Kabadiwalla Connect. This session will cover the past, present and future of waste management, the role of the informal sector and our own role in the grand scheme.

  • Mental Health Awareness Camp at Workafella

    In Conversation

    Date:10th October 2019

    Location:Workafella Infantry road, Bangalore

    On account of World Mental Health Awareness day on 10th October, Workafella’s Bangalore center hosted Mr Shashi Kalyanpur, author, former CXO, Sportsman and mental toughness coach. Given that work-stress has a huge impact on every professional's life, Mr Shashi gave real world examples on what one can do to relieve this stress.

  • Independent Artists & Musicians at Workafella

    @Workafella Sessions

    Date:26th Sep, 27th Sep, 3rd Oct, and 4th Oct 2019

    Location:Workafella Centers in Chennai

    @Workafella Sessions is platform where we invite independent artists and musicians to our communities to inspire and encourage them. Various talents are made to do what they do best in our centers and our community members be a part of it too. Be it impromptu performances, indie jams, experimental collaborations, @Workafella sessions is where art meets entrepreneurs.

  • Conversation Mr. Karthik Srinivasan

    In Conversation

    Date:24th September 2019

    Location:Workafella Infantry road, Bangalore

    From big corporations to individual entrepreneurs, everyone is trying to crack the code to having a viral presence on social media. Mr Karthik Srinivasan, brand guru and thought leader, spoke about building a brand online at Workafella Bangalore. The talk included insights in making a personal brand successful as well!

  • Workafella invites you Covelong Point Festival

    Covelong Point Festival

    Date:23rd – 25th August 2019

    Location:Kovalam, East Coast Road, Chennai

    Workafella is happy to be the official Workspace Partner at the Covelong Point Festival.The festival will take place by the beautiful beach side, where it will feature the best of surfing, music and yoga. Workafella invites you to be a part of this amazing event. Soak in the sun and have some fun.

  • Conversation with Mr.Kartik Kompella

    In Conversation

    Date:22nd August 2019

    Location:Workafella Infantry road, Bangalore

    Workafella is thrilled to have ace author Mr. Kartik Kompella speak exclusive to our community members at the Bangalore Infantry Road center on 22nd August. Our members will get a chance to listen to Mr. Kompella speak on ‘The Secret of extraordinary performance of top companies’.

  • Namaste Workafella Episode 3

    Namaste Workafella Episode 3

    Date:25th July 2019

    Location:Glory Hall, Tower B, Rattha Tek Meadows, Sholinganallur

    Our guest for the third edition of Namaste Workafella is Mr. Nityanand Jayaraman. He is an author, researcher, journalist, educator and a social activist. He is also the recipient of the Franco-German prize for ‘Human Rights & Rule of Law’.

  • 37th edition of Ventures Checkmate

    Chess Tournament

    Date:6th and 7th July 2019

    Location:Workafella Infantry road, Bangalore

    We are proud to host the 37th edition of “Ventures Checkmate” inter-corporate chess tournament at our Workafella Infantry Road centre, Bangalore. Workafella invites you all to participate and win exciting cash prizes.

  • Photography Contest at Workafella

    Photography Contest

    Date:25th April – 16th May


    Do you love taking photographs? Or do you love modelling, decorating and designing your workstations, Workafella gives you the opportunity to exhibit all your talents. Enroll now with our photography contest and experience being the face of Workafella! Also.. Why miss out on the cash price?

  • Namaste Workafella Episode 2

    Namaste Workafella Episode 2

    Date:8th March 2019

    Location:Workafella business center, Shollinganallur, Chennai

    Our second guest for Namaste Workafella is Ms. Meghana Girish, the mother of Martyr Major Akshay Girish who displayed indomitable courage and made the supreme sacrifice on November 29th 2016 at the Nagrota Attack (J&K). Workafella invites Meghana Girish this Women’s day to share her experience and inspire us for a better tomorrow.

  • ReskillHer Roadshow conducted at Workafella

    ReskillHer Roadshow by JobsForHer

    Date:8th December 2018

    Location:Workafella, Shollinganallur, Chennai

    It’s time to reskill, restart, reassess with the ReskillHer Roadshow conducted by JobsForHer. This is an opportunity for women to attend a workshop that will help them reskill themselves. Participants will be mentored by experts from a dynamic range of industries.

  • Corporate Yoga at Workafella Coworking Space

    Yoga Wednesdays

    Date:Every Wednesday

    Location:Workafella Business Centers across India

    Harness the wholesome benefits of Corporate Yoga & find balance at work. Workafella in association with Zorba provides corporate yoga sessions for clients every wednesday across all centers.

  • SheLeadsTech in association with Workafella

    Sheleads Tech

    Date:27th October 2018

    Location:Workafella business center, Shollinganallur, Chennai

    SheLeadsTech in association with YourStory held an event at Workafella, exclusively for women entrepreneurs. The interactive Q&A session allowed professionals from differents industries to exchange their views with women who were starting up businesses, or have been running their own business.

  • Namaste Workafella Episode 1

    Namaste Workafella Episode 1

    Date:7th September 2018

    Location:Workafella, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

    Namaste Workafella is a part of our efforts to reach out to those who have improved the society they live in. Our intention is to give them a platform where they can voice their opinions, share their stories and inspire the community.

  • TEDxThiruvanmiyur at Workafella


    Date:12th August 2018

    Location:Holiday Inn, Thiruvanmiyur

    Workafella partnered with TEDxThiruvanmiyur’s Zero waste event. The event covered speakers from different fields of life with different passions - musicians, activists, mountaineers, and even the famous customer-service oriented share auto driver from Chennai.