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The Story Behind Workafella: Redefining Coworking Spaces

Experience a workspace that transcends the ordinary, where minds come alive, and where brands thrive. Welcome to the world of Workafella.

At Workafella, we don't just provide a workspace, we curate an environment that fuels high energy and ignites fresh thinking. It's a place where thinkers and doers come together to collaborate and where businesses rise and shine. But our commitment goes beyond the surface.

Workafella is a dynamic ecosystem that fosters seamless productivity and cultivates top-tier thinking. We believe in the luxury of your productivity, and we're dedicated to providing the optimal resources for your success. From flexible office spaces and robust connectivity to unwavering security and privacy, our range of services are designed to effortlessly support your business needs. These are just a few reasons why joining Workafella is a game-changer for your business.

Workafella is so much more than just a workspace. It's a high-energy zone meticulously crafted to promote collaborations and foster meaningful connections. Our vision is to create a bustling crossroads of ideas and trends, where innovation thrives. With locations across India, including Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, our coworking spaces serve as vibrant hubs that add value to your business through exciting events and valuable networking opportunities.

Workafella is your stairway to success – a place where dreams become reality. So, when it comes to choosing a workspace, think Workafella. Unlock your potential and soar to new heights of achievement.

Call it a workspace, call it a playground for minds, call it a greenhouse for brands.

We call it Workafella.

Move in,Move up

Workafella Coworking Space in Mumbai
Workafella Fully Serviced Offices in Hyderabad
Workafella Fully Furnished Offices in Chennai
Workafella Business Centre in Bangalore
Workafella - 4 Cities, 11 Centres, 16000+ Workspaces

4 Cities, 11 Centers, 16,000 + Workstations and growing

4 Cities, 11 Centers, 16,000 + Workstations and growing

We are present in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai with 11 centers that offer more than 16000 + workstations.

Workafella - 6-times Award Winning Coworking Space

6-time Award-winning workspace provider

6-time Award-winning workspace provider

We have been awarded by Times Business Awards, Zee Business, FICCI and Realty+ for our end-to-end Workspace solutions.

Workafella - Unmatched Quality and Services

Unmatched quality and services

Unmatched quality and services

We are a trend setter in the industry, the services and amenities we offer are unmatched by competition in the segment.

Workafella - Global Standard Interiors

Global standard interiors

Global standard interiors

We build workspaces with world class interiors that offer practicality and functionality. Our Social hubs, Workspaces and Common areas are our clients’ favourite.


Gurbinder Rattha

Founder & Managing Director of Workafella

Gurbinder Rattha is the Founder and Managing Director of Workafella, the coworking and shared office division of the Rattha Group of Companies. With two decades of experience in corporate and residential real estate, hospitality, healthcare, textiles, and infrastructure, he has formed strategic partnerships with global organizations to accelerate business growth and expansion.

Having successfully run profitable real estate and hospitality businesses for over two decades, Gurbinder Rattha has identified an emerging market opportunity in the coworking and shared office spaces. In 2016, he launched Workafella as a dynamic brand providing contemporary office space solutions that adapt to the NextGen Workforce. Workafella's homegrown brand synergy, inspiring elements, and global vision have earned the trust of over 500 brands, resulting in multiple awards from industry-recognized entities and trade associations for the best coworking spaces, office designs, and member wellness programs.