Are you in search of a coworking space in Hyderabad? Workafella it now!

Work-a-fella is not just a workspace; we are a culture. We help innovate the products of tomorrow. With the industry moving at a lightning speed, we help you work hassle free, every day. We ensure you have a perfect work-life balance.

How do we do it?

Workafella is not a workspace, but a lifestyle

With our amenities, undoubtedly. Our team have carefully crafted many problems a working professional encounters during their office hours, validated their credibility and have come up with a solution.

We provide 24/7 access and air-conditioning. Somewhere, all of us have a specific set of time where we tend to be productive, keep that into consideration, our office is just like any other 24/7 café for you.

Our coworking space in Hyderabad provides unlimited Wi-Fi, telephone calls, CCTV, security, unlimited tea/coffee, front desk, IT, HR, maintenance, utilities, food court, projectors, and housekeeping.

As a value ad, we have kept traffic in mind hence providing valet parking services. For last minute help, we are facilitated with kettle, steam iron, and shower. Workafella also provides you with runner boys who can come in handy throughout.

We flex to your needs and extend our support

We have products that can fit into any pocket.

Whether you’re a one-man army or a large corporate, we have space for you. Our custom built model, for big corporates, allows you to define your own space and style, the way your company requires. Our hot desks are for freelancers who’d like to work for a specific hours or a particular day. We also have dedicated desks, private offices and virtual office as our products.

All you have to do is plug in your system and start working. As a value-added lifestyle benefit, we have tied up with various players from the transport, hotel, healthcare, NGO’s to make life easier for you. We put in our client’s requirements and comfort as our first priority.

Because we believe that work is not just work

To add a streak of fun, we also conduct various events to lighten up the moment for all of us. We strongly believe that a little of fun can make our products better.

Our very name would suggest to you how firm we are on building networks. Every business needs networking to grow and we enable that in the right way. By closely working with people from different fields, you’re also open to building new possibilities and explore new territories.

Have we set a new benchmark for your workspace yet or scouting an office space for rent?

Join the community, soar high.

Think workspace, Workafella it!

Amenities available in our Coworking Space

24x7 access to the office

24x7 Air-Conditioning

Unlimited internet & telephone handsets

24x7 surveillance & security

Unlimited tea| coffee | water | fruit water

Utility bills (electricity | water | building maintenance)

Front desk

Complimentary meeting rooms

Housekeeping & maintenance charges

Discussion/white board

Access to events

Food court | cafe

Concierge desk

Doctor on call

Documentation area

Business support services

Folding meeting tables


Runner boys

Steam iron

Valet parking*


Mini fridge*