If you are a freelancer or a startup with about 5-10 members, you might find that renting dedicated desks in a coworking space in Mumbai is far more cost effective than renting an entire office space. If you require privacy, you can opt for private office space, but generally, freelancers and small-sized startups prefer to be a part of a coworking space in Mumbai. The reason behind this is that a coworking space allows professionals to branch out, network and learn new things.

When you are just setting up a business you are always on the lookout for prospective clients, or people who can advise you on how to grow your business successfully. These type of people are present in a business center, and they’re not just in private offices. They’re in the coworking space too. A coworking space is budget friendly and generally involves interiors that are creative, trendy and upbeat.

The best thing Coworking space can provide for a freelance worker is a positive atmosphere. Working alone will make oneself dreamy, lazy and will easily bring negative vibes. To overcome this Workafella is providing the best Coworking space in Mumbai and also for self-employees, telecommuter always engage with our 24/7 service. We would love to disclose our service for our customer priority so that many vital things can be known by our customer themselves

1.       Structure
2.       Networking (Communication)
3.       Avoiding the lack of companions
4.       Emotional Support
5.       Event Organization
6.       Budget

As we mentioned above working from home makes oneself distracted easily and also will make our energy loss quickly because we will be disturbed by TV, pets and mainly our beds which attracts more and also make us lazy. So to avoid such kind of distractions, we at Workafella ensure to provide you with the best infrastructure according to each of your individual requirements. Also, we always aim to make you more enthusiastic to work with our best-chosen Infrastructure.

The major barrier for working alone in the home is communication and cannot find more business sort of clients, but whereas if you work in our co-working space you itself can elevate your skills by communicating with the other peoples. Thus it will leave you with more number of knowledge and you itself can clarify your doubts easily and emerge as the best skillset person in the field which you opted to work.

Avoiding the lack of companions:
Every freelancer will want to work in peaceful surrounding but there are a lot of disadvantages because of that and the major barrier is a lack of communication. If we don’t have a proper companion or lack of persons to communicate it will affect oneself mentally, so interaction is the most important for every freelancer should concern about; when you want to be the best in Business you work for, it may be freelancing, telecommuter etc..,. So our Coworking space will be very much interactive and lively so that you can itself learn a number of languages and can be skillful in languages by collaborating with a different set of people you meet at our Coworking space in Mumbai.

Emotional support:
If you lag in work or @self-confidence our services will surely boost you up from the point of view called as negativity; we will be very much supportive in your every emotion, so always try to come out of your circle and interact with your fellow entrepreneurs and with our services and lift yourself from the insecurities. Always contact us for anything and that’s why we are working for you 24/7. And also give us your feedbacks and Ideas if there is anything to change in Individual we will surely account it.

Event Organization:
Unless like other Co-working space we love to value our client very much friendly for that we always conduct event community meetings with successful entrepreneurs and many great influential persons so that it will boost your thoughts. Also, many new things can be gained through those events.

We will be very much cost effective as we value our clients and so the budget will not be a big issue with us. Workafella always works for you and so contact us work with us and also emerge yourself.

Workafella Coworking Space – Mumbai
AK Estate, Off Veer Savarkar Flyover,
SV Rd, Goregaon West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra – 400062

Amenities available in our Business Centres

24x7 access to the office

24x7 Air-Conditioning

Unlimited internet & telephone handsets

24x7 surveillance & security

Unlimited tea| coffee | water | fruit water

Utility bills (electricity | water | building maintenance)

Front desk

Complimentary meeting rooms

Housekeeping & maintenance charges

Discussion/white board

Access to events

Food court | cafe

Concierge desk

Doctor on call

Documentation area

Business support services

Folding meeting tables


Runner boys

Steam iron

Valet parking*


Mini fridge*