Coworking Etiquette: Tips for Businesses

Workafella Office Spaces Coworking Etiquette

With the popularisation of remote and hybrid work, workplaces themselves have registered a significant shift in recent years. Many businesses are actively, or at least considering, making the switch to a coworking office to cut overhead and realty costs.

Coworking or flex spaces are great alternatives to traditional offices with the added perks of networking with a larger community. However, sharing your office space and amenities with a stranger, let alone a whole office brings complex challenges.

At Workafella, we hear these sentiments bounce off of us time and time again and we’ve come up with a list to help you ease into your first coworking office experience. 

Maintain a clean workspace

Keeping a tidy workstation is arguably high on our list and makes coworking easier for staff and team members. When coworking, it is best to follow the ‘leave no trace’ rule to ensure the well-being of everyone.

Be mindful of your volume

Whether you’re having a discussion with your colleague at your desk or talking on the phone, it is wise not to disturb others and practice caution. Though some workplaces are bustling hubs in general, we recommend adhering to the noise policies practiced by the company and management to keep things stress-free for your colleagues and yourself.

Set up meetings in designated areas

A coworking space is communal so it’s essential to plan your day accordingly. Book your meeting rooms ahead so that it doesn’t clash with others. Preserve decorum and the integrity of a shared space by adhering to the schedules already set in place.

Share office utilities 

A coworking space will often feature amenities like a common pantry, secured internet services, a water refill station, and parking. It is imperative not to take control of these services but instead share them wisely.

Notify management of issues immediately

If any issues arise, be sure to inform management immediately so that assistance can be provided. The onus lies on everyone to maintain a comfortable and safe work environment.


Though most etiquette rules are a common courtesy, having a guideline set beforehand will help in easy assimilation and acceptance. The list may not be exhaustive but is a good place to start to help your business thrive in a harmonious work environment.