Yes, Coworking Spaces Are Millennial-Friendly – Here’s Why!

Coworking Spaces Are Millennial-Friendly

With Millennials and Gen-Z quickly making up a major chunk of the workforce at hand, it’s hard to ignore the workspace style and needs of this segment which are unsurprisingly different from the norm over the last couple of decades.

To understand this segment, let’s look at a few common similarities:

  • Preference for flexibility and resistance to conventionalism
  • Comfort and passion for creative open spaces
  • The excitement of networking and continuous learning
  • Firm belief in resource optimization

Does this sound familiar to any millennial employee you’ve observed? Chances are these signify the majority! Apply this criterion to workstyle standards and you get the answer to why coworking spaces are flocked with millennial workers.

This demand for convenience & purpose has coworking spaces also evolving to the on-demand needs of how, where, and when individuals prefer to consume a product.

These furnished offices for rent have plenty of diverse space types that are attractive to the younger generation. These specialities are:

  1. Workspaces That Foster Collaboration – Research says that millennials contrastingly hold a reduced need for private areas, preferring the open collaborative areas offered by coworking spaces.
  2. Flexibility – Coworking spaces offer flexible workspace models that facilitate both team or focus-based work.
  3. Common Areas – Creativity and collaboration rank high for millennial workers and plug and play spaces have just the thing!

But how do these coworking spaces benefit the millennial worker? These points should turn you in their favour!

  1. Creative Command

A furnished managed office space provides total freedom to unleash a team’s creativity and have the office furnished in exactly the way they need! This is unlike a conventional space where things are rigid in structure. With coworking spaces, choose custom-built office spaces that reflect your brand aesthetics and values.

  1. Ergonomics

Ergonomically powered surroundings play a crucial role in overall productivity and happiness levels. Most employees are in the office are 8-10 hrs in office, thus having the right interiors impacts the overall mood and even workplace satisfaction!

In this case, millennials prefer more open spaces than enclosed cubicles, easy-going work settings, thoughtful furniture, vibrant aesthetics – all of which are stand-outs of coworking spaces!

  1. Refreshing Environment

Just out-of-college millennials are often still in the bubble of freedom, round-the-clock work, tight deadlines, and collaborative work. Coworking spaces facilitate a natural transition to the employee life as they hold a familiar setting. It helps instil self-confidence and morale in their tasks thus increasing productive output. A win-win situation!

  1. Amenities

Research indicates that millennials value a workspace that comes with a load of useful business amenities and offers lifestyle benefits to their community members.

Due to the building workload, millennials can often be seen working longer hours and but still managing to squeeze in the necessary time to unwind. They are strongly averted to being limited to a sea of cubicles.

Hence coworking spaces with more open-spaced layouts including flexible activity-encouraging environments, break-out lounges, vibrant meeting rooms & social cafeterias that foster conversations over coffee are hard to miss! Facilities like 24×7 access, flexible working hours, cosy seating nooks like bean bags, and more also attract Gen Z and millennials!

  1. An Active Community

Coworking spaces have very active communities that bring diverse groups of professionals together to meet, network, collaborate and exchange valuable insights with each other!

This makes for an excellent platform for professionals to come collectively and participate in knowledge sharing beyond their domains. When this happens, work collaboration, team spirit, and productive output increase. This makes community meets not only fun but eases the process of forming business connections. Millennials tend to fit in naturally in these environments and perform at their best!

Driven by the emerging millennial sector, the Indian workforce is steadily evolving and so are the workspaces. Desks are no longer restricted and employees aspire for a holistically value-driven workplace aka furnished coworking spaces.

Organizations today are endeavouring to conceive the ideal workspace environment for employees to thrive. Fully-furnished offices offer a well-curated work atmosphere that produces a satisfying work experience – the most significant factor for millennials looking to join a new-age organization.

With Workafella, fully furnished office spaces for rent that are designed and customized to your business’s unique value propositions are a breeze (Trust in the word of over 500+ brands!). Book a tour with us today!

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