What Collaboration Should Look Like In A Shared Office Space

Shared Office Space

A general belief hold that the internet has made the world a whole lot smaller and more connected- A global village if you may. Yes, we can say without a hint of a doubt that the average digital user has spread across the web with multiple digital footprints.

However, the more skilled we become in shaping online interactions, the world of offline interaction lessens incredibly in terms of scope.

This lack of physical interaction sets us back not only when it concerns our well-being but also takes a huge hit on our productivity. Several reputed Coworking surveys and international reports have gone on to confirm that a significant share of people’s happiness comes from socializing with other people around us.

It’s not just coworking. The source of contentment is usually indicated by

  1. Strong personal bonds and
  2. Strong social connections.

In simple terms, a community is what brings us happiness and eventually contentment.

This brings us to the topic we are dealing with today – how does the modern commercial office space – promote collaboration?

The coworking industry has seen a lot of rapid evolution across the past few years. They are now moulding themselves to flexibly accommodate the needs of solopreneurs and larger enterprises on the lookout for commercial spaces for rent.

From an affordable payment structure to flexible plans, vibrantly designed workspaces, even introducing wellness rooms, shared workspaces offer many services to a professional.

However, the essence of a thriving coworking space doesn’t lie with these perks but rather in the communities, which it fosters and that later thrives and sets the whole space apart. After all, if it’s just Wi-Fi and a comfy chair that you prefer, its already available at your home or even a coffee shop. But that’s not all a business person needs. Collaboration is crucial to one’s professional growth.

A Coworking space or a flexible office should inherently and must be an excellent platform for creating an atmosphere where people have a wonderful time and work efficiently. Any coworking member will agree that a space that nurtures community develops a feeling of partnership and belonging within the member.

It is common knowledge that people come to a shared office space not because there is a fixed chair and a desk for them (though this is also true). It’s more so because they want to join a close-knit tribe of similar-minded people.

To chat during the coffee-breaks, discuss new things and learn as an outcome. Experience is what makes people okay to pay pricier amounts and also keep coming back for more. A coworking space should offer just that- A community that embraces you warmly and encourages collaboration.

Healthy communities represent the primary source of support for professional and personal development. Eventually nurturing collaboration and projects.

If we breakdown strong communities, we find several components emerging:

  • Common values and shared purpose.
  • Rituals and shared culture
  • Storytelling that reinforces the culture of the space
  • Feeling of connectedness inside groups
  • Trust, communication, and sharing

Why Is This Community Essential?

Because working in an atmosphere with people who think like you, helps you form better relationships. Of course, this doesn’t immediately mean that you start exchanging personal information but rather that you get to know the specificities of each other’s profession and are welcome to help each other whenever required.

Additionally, knowing a person’s casual interests or what they enjoy outside work builds a sense of connection. This growing feeling of camaraderie makes work more pleasant. Your desk and chair stops being simply “the place where you work” and instead a space, that helps you connect with a community.

The Magic of Collaboration

When people work together to solve a problem, it generates a feeling of camaraderie. The open environment focuses on making it easy for a member to possibly even lean across his desk and ask for another member’s opinion.

From ideating on a new assignment to brainstorming with many people from diverse backgrounds, shared workspaces are all about working in collaboration rather than on your own. In other words, the power and magic of collaborations within a flexible office space create more partnerships.

Not Just Space, Coworking Is A Community

The best of coworking spaces house people who are crazily supportive of each other. A community consisting of corporate teams, digital nomads, freelancers, start-ups, and more.

We have always been firm believers of playing hard and working smart. You could say, it runs in our coworking DNA! Our spaces are forever lively, productive, sophisticated, and undoubtedly foster a strong sense of community.

We would love for you to have a look at our centre if you are searching for commercial spaces for rent in Hyderabad. Call us to book a tour today!

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