Wellness At Work A Myth? Coworking Spaces Prove Otherwise!

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The constant hustle and grind can be quite tiring especially if you happen to work in the dynamic work environment of today’s enterprises. With employees made to always be on the move, proffering the major time of day to work, or having to work long strenuous hours, simply living “life” itself goes for a toss.

Today’s millennial workforce swear by a genuine “work-life balance” to the extent that research indicates, it may be a significant determinant for job-seekers. This is why businesses need to look beyond simple wellness initiatives to sustainable ergonomic practices that constitute the right balance between work and personal wellbeing.

While the road to optimum wellness is a long one, the advantages that coworking spaces provide are refreshing and welcome!

1. Flexibility

While the average employee clocks in 8-9 hours daily, the millennial workforce is increasingly leaning towards a flexible work schedule. They prioritize a plentiful well-balanced life, with sufficient time for everything they hold important in life.

Conventional offices however do not have much scope for wellness. And the result? A significant downside to your personal life while the professional end of the scale takes up all your time. At this rate, productivity is bound to take a hit.

Coworking spaces for rent come as a boon as they provide the perfect harmony of flexibility and a structured workspace that keeps productivity intact. Their 24×7 accessibility means that employees can work when they feel at their best with enough personal time to spare. This flexibility to design your work schedule marks the support of a healthy work-life balance.

2. An Enthusiastic Community

When the only interactions you have with your colleagues during your day are in some way directly or indirectly related to your work there is very little scope to broaden your interests. In contrast, shared offices are more than just individuals housed together, it is a community – A unique blend of people who are from diverse professions and experiences – enabling you to interact with individuals socially as well.

The community belonging to a coworking space is undoubtedly a huge intangible business asset. It enables a happier work-life balance allowing employees to thrive psychologically and productively. This crucial element of flexibility and the larger community as a whole in coworking spaces is what makes it a differentiator.

3. Collaboration Over Competition

A huge reason as to why employees often lose their work-life balance is the simple fact that conventional offices are hotbeds of competition with a constant struggle amongst colleagues to stand out. Competition makes employees forget the larger goal of learning.

Coworking spaces, however, at their core are supportive communities full of diversity, where entrepreneurs mingle freely with smaller enterprises and corporate employees and each learns from the other. The diversity in experiences coupled with the innate freedom that comes with coworking spaces allows for a great learning experience and the development of brand-new perspectives.

Instead of competition, a successful symbiotic relationship develops between the coworking space members. As a result, mental well-being is stimulated and makes work feel wholesome!

4. Interactions That Bring Meaning

As with dynamic communities, coworking spaces are usually innovative spaces, packed with energetic individuals working towards ambitious goals. Being around passionate and proactive people like this helps keep up the motivation and subsequently your overall mood.

There are plenty of opportunities to form meaningful partnerships through a simple exchange of knowledge through advice or experience – all over a simple cup of coffee!

This enables you with an invaluable perspective and a novel way of fulfilling work-life balance. Other ways of achieving work-life balance through coworking spaces are participating in community events and organized social meetups that encourage fun and relaxation.

In A Nutshell

For most employees, work may not even be the challenge, its rather the stress from other factors such as administrative challenges, long working hours, limited learning opportunities, or even uninspiring workspaces! But with coworking spaces taking away those little daily hassles you get to do what you love at your convenience!


Workafella’s award-winning private offices for rent have been recognized for their excellent wellness initiatives and member wellness program by prestigious industry bodies which means rest assured, your wellness remains the priority always! Book a tour with us today!

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