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A leader establishes the direction for their team and then mobilizes them towards a set goal. But it’s challenging to accomplish that without an office to help create culture and shape an identity. This serves a few benefits – it helps in attracting, retaining talent as well as winning clients. The office environment also has a major impact on the team’s productivity, efficiency, general well-being and appeal for candidates.

Given below are a few things you should keep in mind for formulating the right atmosphere at work and gaining better insight into how your office’s layout or contents change the way your employees work.

1. Having a defined workplace is essential

For any activity which is undertaken; it is always necessary to have the required tools at hand. For instance, – if we are cooking, we need to have all the ingredients and cookware laid out. If someone likes to run, they usually lay out their gear the night before the morning run.

Similarly, the leader has to lay down a defined workplace before commencing the task at hand. It makes it easier to focus and helps the employees to get into the right headspace. A relaxed, quiet fully furnished office space environment helps to achieve this.

2. Branding yourself as an employer

Most of us are envious of global organizations such as Google, which are reputed for unique world-class office spaces that reflect their culture – think back to those fancy foosball tables! These plug and play office spaces also work effectively as recruitment marketing since everyone wants to work from exciting office spaces.

When presented with a choice, a prospective candidate will always prefer a beautiful workspace. So, when you think about approaching branding as an employer, you pull from various aspects of your organization’s achievements and works.

3. Motivation, Collaboration and Innovation

Anyone tends to get a little nervous if they have to knock on their manager’s door. Open office spaces can help in overcoming that, as well as drive more interaction and communication. An office space that allows employees to come together will undoubtedly increase collaboration and innovation.

When differing ideas come together, innovation happens. The right office environment can facilitate an open, sharing team. Office features and tools such as breakout spaces or whiteboards accommodate the sharing of great ideas between colleagues and help flesh out new concepts. If the organization builds a reputation of fostering new ideas and innovation, it will surely attract great talent.

4. Organized spaces can improve productivity

A clutter-free and straightforward office makes a lot of difference. It affects efficiency. Clutter can influence productivity by up to 13.5%. A little organization, wherever possible, can help in minimizing time wastage whereby increasing productivity, efficiency and focus in your team. On the other hand, disorganization can take off hours from your valuable time.

Our commercial office spaces across different locations pan India in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad have been carefully conceived keeping all these factors in mind.  So, if you find this interesting and believe that a good office space boosts your work-life, do get in touch with us!

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