The goal of every organization is to evolve with the fast-moving world, and always be able to stay relevant to the customer. They constantly aim to get ahead of others through their business. Companies which have this as their agenda, require a workspace that understands their needs. Workafella is the ideal choice for such companies. As a service space provider, Workafella provides unmatched benefits and a wide range of office types to suit your business.  We have also adapted to the current scenario by upgrading our services so that our community can continue to focus on their business, while we take care of the rest in our office space in Hyderabad.

As a service provider, we believe the health and well-being of our community members have been a top priority for us. We are compliant with safety standards to provide a safe and hygienic workplace for you. Our centers are sanitized and ready-to-occupy office space in Hyderabad. Here’s how Workafella’s services are enhanced for your safety and well-being.

Advancement through Automation

What does automation look like if it isn’t towering your brand? At its core, automation is about implementing a system to complete repetitive, easily replicated tasks without the need for human labour. We have enabled simple yet futuristic devices at Workafella centres that prioritize your safety over anything. We’ve integrated the best-in-class automated services for your safety through:

Food Vending Machine: The food vending machine will offer fresh and hot food – with minimal human intervention. Our community members will have a varied choice of options where members can select their preferred food as per their convenience.

Foot-operated drinking water dispenser: The inclusion of touchless drinking water dispenser eliminates the need to touch the device. The automated device is aimed at reducing water waste as well.

Automatic touch-free sanitizer: In our continued efforts to minimize contact points, we have installed automatic hands-free sanitizers across the workspace. Keep your hands clean all day!

Touchless sensor taps: The use of touch-free sensor taps removes the need to touch the tap and physically operate it.