Finding the right office space in 2019

Office space in Hyderabad

Are you Finding the right office space in Hyderabad?

Entrepreneurs of all kinds have one thing in common – they need space to work. A freelancer may not always want to work from home. A start-up founder knows that the team needs to be working together every day to establish their brand. A CEO or founder of a small, mid-sized or large corporate knows that employees need to be given equipment, space, and targets. All of this leads to one thing – productivity, and the tracking of the same. A comfortable space with access to essentials like food and beverages, topped off with a sociable setting is what makes work, work.

But how do you find the right space?
Well, you can just go shopping. It’s almost 2019, and it’s a beautiful time for businessmen, IT start-ups and freelancers who have struggled with finding the right office space in Hyderabad .

You can visit a shared office space in your city for a site visit and pick out an office space or a dedicated desk that suits your requirements. Business centres with serviced office spaces offer customizable options as well so you can let your brand come to life in a space that is your own. All you need to do is call a local business centre, book a site visit and then take a look at your options.

Before we get into the types of office space in Hyderabad available for the modern professional, let’s quickly look into why renting an office space in a business centre is a viable and cost-effective decision for your business:

Business centres hire maintenance staff, concierge staff, security staff and janitorial services. These staff work for your business when you become a client of the business centre. You don’t have to spend time hiring new people, neither do you have to spend money on their salaries. A business centre provides furnished offices, office equipment, caterers, Wi-Fi connectivity, air conditioning with power backup and in some cases, 24/7 access. Most business centres are in commercial areas, or in IT corridors. They are easy to travel to, and a great place to take prospective clients to, for a meeting with your team.

Now that you know some of the benefits of choosing to rent a workspace, let’s discuss what sort of options you will be looking at and how you should conclude what suits you best.

⦁ The Private Office/Studio – If you run a start-up, a small or mid-sized company or perhaps even a large corporate, the Private Office space in Hyderabad is the perfect option for you. Not only does your team get dedicated spaces and meeting rooms but you could also perhaps rent an entire floor or two for your company. This is far simpler than leasing a commercial building or building an entirely new workspace. Renting an office space in a commercial space will set you back as most of these spaces come unfurnished, with little to no support once you’ve moved in. You’re on your own.

With a private office space or studio, you get a dedicated space for yourself and your team. You can choose the number of seats required and the customization you wish to have. A private office space allows you to have privacy and space to focus on work without distractions and hindrances. If you wish to break away from work for a couple of minutes, you can stroll down to the common area, which most shared office spaces have. For instance, Workafella has a Social Hub at its shared office spaces. Here, freelancers, solopreneurs, corporate managers and employees from the private offices and co-working spaces all hang out to let off steam and socialize. Choosing a private office studio lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

⦁ The Co-working Space – If you are a freelancer or a start up with about 5-10 members, you might find that renting dedicated desks in a co-working space is far more cost effective than renting an entire office space. If you require privacy you can opt for a private office space, but generally freelancers and small-sized start-ups prefer to be a part of a co-working space. The reason behind this is that a co-working space allows professionals to branch out, network and learn new things.

When you are just setting up a business you are always on the lookout for prospective clients, or people who can advise you on how to grow your business successfully. These type of people are present in a business centre, and they’re not just in private offices. They’re in the co-working space too. A co-working space is budget friendly and generally involves interiors that are creative, trendy and upbeat.

⦁ The Virtual Office – Some businesses do not need a physical office space. Business centres like Workafella are designed to provide clients with a sophisticated brand image and a premium business address, in the case that they require to use a mailing service for their business.

Businesses that work with freelancers and clients who are overseas are usually the ones who will need a virtual office. This type of office removes the stress of travel and increases the flexibility of operations. A dedicated phone line, along with a trained receptionist and access to the meeting or training rooms are provided to those registered as a virtual office at a business centre on an as-needed basis.

⦁ The Hive – Some businessmen travel a lot! If this is your case, you will sometimes find yourself in a big city, but crammed into a hotel room to work from. In such cases, you might want to opt for a Hive at a local business centre. A hive includes all the benefits of either a private office space or a co-working space, except that you needn’t pay on a monthly basis. You can book a hive anywhere from one day up to a month and onwards. The choice is yours.

That’s the low down on all you need to know about the types of office spaces you can use in 2019!

Business centres like Workafella can be found across various metropolitan cities in India. The benefit of signing up with Workafella for a private office space, co-working space, virtual office, or hive is that you can access any Workafella centre across the country. If you’re interested in booking a site visit, reach out to Workafella on 1800 419 9807

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