Networking secrets everyone should know about!

Networking secrets everyone should know about!

“Your reputation is who knows you, and your connections are the ones who you know.”

Picture a crowded reception room full of anonymous faces, grappling with drinks and canapés while trying to make small talk? People frantically ‘‘working the room’’ and exchanging business cards?

Is this the image that instantly springs up in your mind? Surprisingly, this common assumption is not an accurate representation of what networking is.

Instead, what networking truly stands for is –

To build reciprocal relationships with people you like, admire and trust. 

If you are someone who finds themselves breaking out into a sweat every time you think of networking, then you are in good luck! Renting a private office in a coworking space can provide the perfect opportunity to integrate with other people and develop meaningful relationships without having to take out separate time out from your hectic calendar.

Coworking spaces were initially and accidentally discovered by drifting entrepreneurs, exploring an alternative to the buzzing coffee shops (or distractions) or the isolation from working at home. As more people moved towards working out of coworking spaces, over time, these spaces witnessed a culmination of diverse talents and business people from all walks of life.

These were the people inspired by the quest for a creative atmosphere — the community’s camaraderie and the comfy ambience of these spaces.

People working in coworking spaces have often networked at rather unconventional places, for example, the corridors or even the stairs. These small conversations that may have begun over a small appeal for help might even get converted into an exchange of pleasantries and leading to much more than that after that. Natural networking can only occur in a relaxed atmosphere where you don’t have to be conscious about networking.

Here are a few ways why coworking is conducive to networking and how you can use the eclectic atmosphere of coworking spaces to your advantage!

  1. It Puts You In The Right Mindset –

Working from home alone means you’re probably going to lack the motivation to socialize over time. If you become so used to your own company, you might not be attempting to network as much as you should. Using a coworking space, you will be well-positioned in the thick of it to speak to everyone around you.

At the same time, you don’t need to worry about having to pull yourself away from important work just to “network”. A casual chat over shared interests near a breakout zone should be enough to get the conversation going, and you can take it up from there!

  1. Networking Requires More Than Just The Basics.

Many people assume that networking is as easy as shaking hands, small talk, and exchanging business cards. But that’s not all. Start by analyzing your prospective and current connections. How does their experience fit in with your short-term and long-term goals? How do you visualize the extent of their participation?

Is there a plan on how you would want to approach your prospects while still making time for your existing relationships? Answering these questions beforehand and practicing them in conversations will bring you closer to your networking goals.

  1. Diversity!

The open and harmonious nature of coworking spaces and the internally connected work area fosters a better synergy for like-minded individuals. Cafeterias, breakout area and other common areas in shared office spaces can often double up as the perfect ground for networking, sharing knowledge and insights with coworkers.

This brings forth an opportunity to interact with people from differing professional backgrounds, possibly turning into valuable connections. These connections will be more likely to get converted into leads and other partnership opportunities in the future.

A coworking space embodies so much than just another place to get work done! The potential to network within a coworking space is one of the significant advantages. When done correctly, this networking can be low-key and feel as manageable as having a conversation around the watercooler with new friends. Then as hesitation breaks down, minds begin to meet!

Our pride lies in the trust and love that our thriving community of 500+ brands across our centres in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai have shown us! To experience the power of networking for yourself and come aboard our new-gen office spaces, book a tour today!

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