The undeniable rise of the sharing economy is making a huge impact in our lives in profound ways and with the start-up culture growing strong around the world, the way millennials work has changed drastically. There was a time when catching an Uber in the morning to a swanky Coworking space Chennai where you work on an entirely crowdfunded start-up sounded like a millennial pipe dream. While this may not be the norm just yet, it’s certainly the direction things are moving in. In truth, co-working is a booming cultural and professional phenomenon.


Yet, as with every such paradigm shift that in society, there is a lag between evolving expectations and the reality of how we behave. As the head of a major co-working centre, I have seen firsthand the opportunities and challenges that arise when individuals transition from a corporate office environment to shared workspaces; among the biggest obstacles is adapting to this new ecosystem and coexisting harmoniously with the diverse individuals that populate it. With all the buzz going around about coworking, I thought it’s important to clarify some perceptions and the expectations of shared office spaces.


That is not to say it is impossible — or even particularly difficult — to successfully immerse oneself in Coworking space Chennai. I believe so long as one abides by a simple set of Do’s and Don’ts, any individual can find a fulfilling niche within the vibrant and empowering environs of a co-working space. Here are just a few of those maxims.


Invest in a pair of headphones


Unlike working from homes, where one can play music aloud, working in a coworking environment means respecting the environment. In some extreme cases, people even play music out loud, which, no matter the volume, is as distracting as it is rude. Matters are made worse by the compounding effect this has as others are forced to be louder themselves in order to be heard.



While some degree of sound is to be expected — shared offices are intentionally designed to both literally and figuratively foster “openness” after all — and can be mitigated by a good pair of headphones or earplugs, there is no solution nor excuse for individual obnoxiousness.



That said, in my experience, the majority of such individuals aren’t malicious or deliberately inconsiderate — if you have this habit, I ask that you consciously consider the well-being of others and keep yourself in check.


Do adapt to your neighbor’s working style


Whether you’re set up in a private office or using a “hot desk”, you’ll always have neighbors in a Coworking space Chennai. It is therefore essential that you pay attention to their working habits and adapt yours to a reasonable extent. For instance, if you know that the member next to you doesn’t attend calls at his desk, while you do then you should be considerate. If you are some one who holds conference calls at a regular time every week, it’s good to move to a meeting room and attend the call.


While I will admit that this is easier said than done, I can also guarantee that such thoughtful gestures are not only noticed and appreciated, they are also reciprocated.


Use Breaks to Socialize


One of the positive aspects of working in a Coworking space Chennai— the diverse mix of people and relatively laidback environment are conducive to forming fast friendships. That said, it is also an easy place to socialize.  While the entire workforce is occupied in completing their jobs, one has to remember to take breaks to de-stress and socialize. The general rule of thumb is that if a person has their earplugs in or has settled into a designated “quiet space”, it is assumed that he is busy completing his work. When the person is relatively free, then the two can have a chat in the cafeteria and even play the available games at the game room.


Do respect others’ space and property


From encroaching upon your neighbour’s desk to momentarily borrowing a stapler, there are many situations where it is tempting to use a nearby resource for convenience’s sake without first asking for permission or having a mutual understanding in place. After all, “what’s the big deal?” you might ask.


The answer is simple — In a setting where people have easy access to each other’s workstations, it is important that your fellow members feel secure about their possessions and the area they occupy. It is thus critical that you respect others’ space and property.


Maintain Professionalism


Many a times in a Coworking space Chennai, members are not part of the same company or team, and ostensibly are not accountable to one another. The reality is that the people around you are, in fact, your de facto coworkers — you have to see and interact with them every day, share the resources around you, and, at times, even rely on them to advance your own professional goals. The key to maintaining a good relationship with your coworkers is to maintain professionalism. One can avoid making petty complaints about other coworkers, and work on improving a dynamic community. In short, maintain your relationship with your coworkers the same way you would do with your colleagues.


That said, should you believe you’ve observed actual misconduct or immoral behaviour by another member, do not hesitate to alert the co-working space staff and present whatever evidence you can in support of your claim.


Technological transformation in an Coworking space  is much more than incorporating mobiles, interactive video screens or using the internet. It isn’t just about one element, it’s about what an office does using technology to transform a space. It’s making your employees and your company benefit from the ever evolving changes in technology. In several ways, well-designed, amenity-filled coworking spaces embody this digital transformation: they offer flexibility and have spaces that enable collaboration. They also offer a plethora of refreshments with a community for work-related activities. Because of the transformation, the interpersonal connection, personalization, and integration of social media and technology has radically altered the way businesses must operate. The digital transformation has given your employees a choice: where and how employees want to work and how they expect the workspace to function. Here’s a look at how technology is transforming a workspace.

Digital transformation means flexible workspace

In today’s age where digital transformation is key, the Coworking space chennai is keen on completing work in the office space, at home, or by simply using their mobile devices. Because many employees may work from office or another location from office, you must ensure that your chat, video conferencing, email software are easy to access. It is necessary to invest in software which simplifies the way communication work. In the time of digital transformation, it has become essential to the modern workforce. It is needless to say that the office should have a fast, reliable, and secure internet connection to ensure this.

Technology for recruiting

Technology aids in the automation, streamlining and execution of many operational processes and day-to-day tasks. Automation, in particular, helps the workforce spend time and focus on key tasks which require creative inputs. The digital change is also changing the role of Human Resources and how companies source and recruit talent. Technology has allowed a pool to talent to be easily accessible to the department. Recruiters may even receive an overwhelming response. In order to track and zero in the right talent, companies can make use of the right software.

Technology for better connectivity

To succeed in the digital economy, companies need to be well connected to current trends. The Coworking space Mumbai must provide a way for employees to connect easily. Workspace must provide the technology and holistic environment that enable collaboration and sharing of knowledge both inside the organization. It should also lead to collaboration with potential business clients. Agile innovations require workspaces spaces that support those activities.

Technology for a secure business

In to ensure a business runs safe, it is necessary to have good security. This is done by allowing only authorised parties to read data through the hardware and software-based data encryption. Having fingerprint recognition software at workplace helps in easy identification. It also helps register login logout timings. Companies are now investing in security software in order to keep their sensitive information from being hacked.

Technology for temperature setting

Maintaining the right Room temperature in the workplace is crucial.  While the normal practice is to maintain a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers recommends 20°C for offices. Several workers still complain about their office space being too hot or too cold. By using a smart climate control technology, the temperature can be maintained to a suitable level. This will not only ensure happy employees but also help in the productivity of employees. By opting to use the automated systems, it adapts to the current temperature and maintain a consistent temperature accordingly.

Technology for clear air quality

Like AC temperature, air quality in an Coworking space Mumbai  can impact productivity. The effects of poor air quality contribute to employees failing sick, which includes having respiratory problems. Offices are installing air purifiers adopt indoor air quality support a healthy working environment. The technology is designed to help air filtration by removing harmful impurities and clearing pollution while providing a good ventilation system for better air quality. The result of this is better air quality and well-being of employees.

The digital transformation is changing the traditional ways of operating a business, but in return, it offers an opportunity to build better efficiency into your work processes and create a modern, personalized office experience for your employees.

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