Are coworking in vogue for large office spaces?

coworking space mumbai

Are coworking in vogue for large office spaces?

Custom built model, a service within the trend of coworking is booming. In India, coworking space  in seven major cities have tripled from 1.1 million sq ft. to 3.4 million sq ft. over a period of one year. With coworking space mumbai  being the fastest growing segment in the commercial real estate, Workafella sees a huge upswing in the future of coworking culture.

Coworking is not just for small and medium enterprises, big corporates are migrating into this trend. Some of the big fortune 500 companies and Indian corporates are using coworking as a new age space to nurture young talent.  With the rise of large corporates moving into coworking and shared office spaces, the need for a customised office space turns up.

At Workafella, we introduce our custom built model for every large corporate to give a personalised space suiting their company requirements.

Why are large corporates flocking into coworking space?

According to researchers at the University of Michigan, the most common reasons why people seek coworking space mumbai  are interaction with people (84%), random discoveries and opportunities (82%), and knowledge sharing (77%).

Employee convenience and flexibility

Flexibility is one of the major reasons why we see many people preferring coworking space mumbai over traditional office space. The advantage of choosing coworking is that, they can work from the location they choose and which is of convenience.

Many coworking spacecome with a great array of services suitable for specific businesses and they can also be custom made according to the requirements of the respective company and their culture.

Ease of social networking

Are you looking to network? The easiest and the quickest way is to cowork. Coworking helps you get closer to the innovators of tomorrow. Every coworking space mumbai has a hint of social element with them, it is a natural process to interact with people from various industries from the same coworking space.

Upscale in productivity

Having your employees work side by side with different industries and innovative start-ups makes it easier to get solutions and acquire knowledge and talent. Employees naturally tend to be motivated working alongside others who work hard to produce wonderful ideas.

Cost effective

A survey conducted by CBRE indicates that 45 percent of companies choose coworking space mumbai due to cost reduction. Working in a co-working custom built office space helps you save up on the capital, overhead cost of furniture, utilities, office equipment and coffee/tea refreshments, you pay a single fee and everything else is taken care of.

Workafella, an award-winning coworking chain, produces high-energy workspaces that work for you just the way you want them to.

Think workspace? Workafella it.

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