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The Account Ant found his perfect workspace

Workafella presents the story of the account ant.  He and his assist ant are here to tell you that renting a commercial office space isn’t the best option for you anymore.     But if you do rent a commercial…

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Workafella recognizes the unsung heroes of our nation

On this Independence day, Workafella chooses to recognize some unsung heroes of India. We hope you find their stories just as fascinating and inspiring as we did. Jadav Payeng On completing his class X exams, young Jadav returned to his…

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Shared offices spaces are in!

office space in chennai

Today, we see a drastic shift in Indian culture, with changes in the way we think, socialize, dress, eat and travel. We’ve got the world at our finger tips at the push of a button. In such an advanced world,…

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Workafella Banjara Hills

Is Banjara Hills the new haven for work, life and fun? If there is one place in Hyderabad that is great to work and great to live. It is Banjara Hills. Upscale, modern and happening, it is an urban commercial…

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Office Space and Productivity

office space mumbai

Productivity and office space open up a Pandora’s Box of ideas, arguments and factual information on how modern organizations are restructuring their workspaces to increase collaboration and to spark that essential innovation, which happens when people casually meet. During the…

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Why business centres are a perfect fit for IT companies

Information technology is one of the major reasons behind economic growth of our country. Along with it, it has empowered the growth of other sectors with its services. IT industry has digitized almost all other sectors from banking and engineering…

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Are Business Centres the new luxury in Office Spaces?

From Stone Age till date, we humans are improvising our living style driven by our instinct and knowledge gathered from ancestors. The three basic needs were food, shelter and clothes and the concept of earning them have been changing and…

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7 things to lookout when hunting for a new office space

Before you begin on this arduous journey from finding the location for your office to fine tooth combing the actual facilities of a fully furnished private office, stop to consider these key factors. Location – Ok so you want office…

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