Are Business Centres the new luxury in Office Spaces?

From Stone Age till date, we humans are improvising our living style driven by our instinct and knowledge gathered from ancestors. The three basic needs were food, shelter and clothes and the concept of earning them have been changing and diversifying. In this modern era of globalization there are much more to be earned and the list of basic needs is growing. Ways of sheltering, eating, dressing, working, saving, spending everything has changed. At this point we could remember the saying “Change is the only thing that never changes”. Over years, the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ are getting redefined.

As every dimension of our society is changing, the idea of work spaces also had its evolution and improvement. The traditional way of owning/renting a plot, constructing the building, setting up infrastructure, then saying ‘ yes, we can start the project now’ is said to be the way of past. Now the trending work culture is running your operations from a Business centres. What it is and what it offers?

A Business Centre is a fully equipped, well managed space with end to end services for Office functioning. The demand is growing day by day because of its manifold benefits over conventional or own office spaces. How are Business Centres beneficial?

1.It cuts out initial setup or overhead costs

Business centres provide everything you want to run a business. Hi-Tech space to work, infrastructure, workstations, telecom and internet services, printing/scanning/photocopy/fax machines. It also provides you the amenities that makes environment work friendly such as 24/7 security and maintenance, pantry area, housekeeping, IT and Admin support, break-out areas which allows you to de-stress yourself. Just walk-in and work in your customized work area unmindful of managing your other day to day activities. Can you think of all these when you own or rent a commercial office space without engulfing a measurable part of your money and mind?

2.Choice of Location
Finding the suitable space for permanent settlement, legal formalities in buying/leasing such space, budget all pose to be dampers in owning/setting an office. In case of business centres you can choose your office space according to your client base and working convenience as there are plenty of options lying ahead of you.

You can choose the way of working that suits your business. Rent the space for a person or for team, for part-time or full-time or on-demand, for days, weeks, months or years. You can scale-up or scale-down your requirement on time period or seating capacity as your business demands.

4.Meet, Network, Grow
People from various spheres work in Business centres. That means you are exposed to efficient and skilled work groups. You can open up with them in a simple coffee chat or in formal or fun events conducted. You can get potential clients or a complimenting work force that help to improve your business. Networking creates synergy and helps your business grow. “Coming together is a Beginning, Keeping together is Progress, and Working together is Success”

5.Customized Environment
Business centres offer different types of office spaces such as,
Private Offices – A fully serviced private area for any team size. It can be customized.
Co- Working – You will have a dedicated desk and will share office space among co-workers and have access to all premium services offered by business centres at budget rate. This suit well for individual workers who tend to collaborate with peers.
Hive – Come in and utilize the office space with all amenities whenever you need it.
Virtual Office – You get a business address for your clients to contact you without your physical presence. Staff at Business centres handles phone calls and mails for you.
Meeting Rooms – You can book meeting rooms on demand at Business centres to host client meetings and conferences. Workshops and Seminars can also be conducted.
The perfect packaging of services at Business centres is boon to aspiring professionals and companies.

6.Common Facilities
The following common facilities available at business centres are cost effective to those who work here which can be a far dream in traditional offices.
•Well trained reception team greet, direct and handle your clients in a professional way.
•The IT Admin team is readily available, who is in charge of providing technical support (system and networking requirements).
•Meeting rooms and conference halls those are highly equipped.
•Parking and refreshment areas for you and your clients
•Housekeeping and security services round the clock.
•Business centres conduct social events for people working here to know each other.

7.Intangible Benefits

•You will be able to have a complete FOCUS on your work which amplifies your productivity and reduces stress when you work in a fully equipped and serviced office space at the location you want.
•A HAPPY and comfortable working environment can definitely do wonders in increasing the productivity and quality of work you do.
•The POSITIVE ENERGY is always contagious. In Business centres you are among the energetic, enthusiastic work group who thrive to achieve their goal.
•You get plenty of chances to LEARN a new from peers in Business centres.

A well chosen Business centre is a great start to aspiring professionals as it cuts out the noise buzzing in your mind such as overheads and constant maintenance at your affordability. We at Workafella business centre provide 24/7 access to our fully air conditioned furnished and serviced office space with a fully stocked cafeteria that ensures you and your business can deliver the best performance at any time of the day. This affordable luxury is smart people’s Cup of Tea in this evolving world.

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