Conventional Office Space Vs. Flexible Workspaces

Conventional Office Space Vs. Flexible Workspaces

In an era where offices are slowly getting irrelevant and obsolete, flexible workspaces and coworking spaces have begun to take over the workspace industry. Post pandemic working has changed the whole dynamic of workspaces, companies are switching to hybrid work and remote working options.

Work from home culture has changed the way people work, people now prefer to work with the freedom to work wherever they want. With offices reopening a lot of employees prefer not to move back to the offices as they feel they work better remotely. Businesses are looking for offices with a progressive and versatile work environment given the current scenario of uncertainty. The modern workforce prefers to work in an attractive workspace with lively interiors and a full set of amenities for a stress-free work experience.

Offices no longer need to be confined to one particular location. Modern companies prefer versatile space that allows their employees to work in a flexible work environment.  Working in a shared office space offers many advantages over working in a regular office setting. Flexible workspaces can be beneficial to boost employees’ productivity and collaboration. Working in a flexible coworking environment will impact your business growth. With the current trend, coworking spaces allow higher productivity than conventional workspaces.

Conventional Office Spaces and their Disadvantages

Using a conventional office space comes with its own set of drawbacks. These office spaces can be a hindrance to your business growth. Traditional offices become boring and feel monotonous after a certain point. Repeating the same cycle every day can become demotivating for some people while also reducing their creativity. It can lead to loss of productivity and reduce the quality of work. They do not have the opportunity to interact with people from different fields and collaborate on business ideas. Traditional office spaces do not give you the freedom to scale your business as it grows.

Conventional office spaces are expensive and involve multiple overhead expenses and multiple invoices. From maintenance to furniture, to interiors, they can be a huge burden for companies. Working in a traditional office has a lot of limitations, people are confined to work only in designated areas and lack the outside world connection. Employees do not have the freedom to work anywhere apart from their desks. They have rules and cannot work flexibly and this has a negative impact on their productivity. Research shows that traditional office spaces are not suitable for the modern workforce who seek a hassle-free office experience. Over 64% of employees work better and are more productive in a flexible office space.

Flexible Spaces are the Solution

Lately, enterprises and businesses are moving from traditional office spaces to flexible office spaces. Shared office spaces have gained popularity among large businesses, enterprises, and corporates. Flexible workspaces end most of the problems that arise from using traditional office space. They are easily accessible and can be modified to meet all your business requirements. They are versatile to accommodate companies of all sizes. Flexible workspaces offer a comfortable work experience and act as a catalyst for your business growth.

Not just small enterprises but corporates are also switching to flexible shared office spaces. Giant corporates like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft use shared office spaces across India. Large companies prefer to be working out of shared office spaces so that they are in close touch with potential clients and customers like start-ups, budding enterprises, and companies. Having a good workspace plays an important role in increasing the productivity of employees and gives them a unique work experience.

Whether you are a small business or a corporate looking to open a new branch, shared office spaces are the right solution for your business. A vibrant coworking space offers you a space to foster creativity and innovation. It is a great place to interact and network with people and expand your business. Shared office spaces provide all the necessary infrastructure and related services to run a business. From dynamic coworking spaces to private offices, everything is taken care of. You also get to enjoy the amenities and services that are easily accessible to the companies. Working in a flexible workspace provides a comfortable and productive work experience. Having a versatile workspace allows you to elevate your business ecosystem which helps your business to thrive and grow.

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