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Workspace Mumbai

Did you know that an average person will spend about 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime? The numbers may look huge, now, but before you know it, you are sure to have spent the large portion of your life at your workspace. Life at workspace Mumbai isn’t just about sitting in your workstation under bright LED lights and working on tasks. The way life operates at work has evolved over the years. Which is why employers are shifting the way people spend time at their workplace. Now, maintaining a work-life balance isn’t just left to the employee, but business owners take charge to ensure well-being at work. Offices are now incorporating engaging office space environments.

Whether it’s organizing workshops for training and mentoring purpose or involving employees in games – workspace Mumbai want to introduce new factors which will ensure employee satisfaction and success.

Here’s a look at how workspace Mumbai are helping employees lead a better time at work.

Space to think and collaborate

In a traditional office setup, employers would just complete their assigned tasks and work on getting a green signal from their employers. Now, with the ever evolving Workspace Mumbai, an employee doesn’t need to maintain a direct approach towards his work. He/she discusses the possibility of making his task better with his colleagues or he may simply work towards achieving a common goal. This helps in the culture of achieving effective collaboration. When ideas are pooled, it helps create a result which is effective and competent. Which is why shared offices, private offices, coworking offices provide spaces for growth and collaboration.

Breaks at Workspaces

While teamwork and brainstorming sessions lead to better collaboration, there is always a part of the day where employees want a break. These breaks can be in either during lunches or just lounging in social hubs for independent thinking. The goal is to unwind, for a short while till the brain resets, and when the employee feels recharged, he is ready to tackle projects with a better sense of direction and energy. This helps employees absorb the objective and goal of work in a different area of the office. Offices should incorporate quiet, relaxation areas where individuals can de-stress. Nowadays, workspaces are setting up gyms, punching bags, incorporating a large aquarium and plants, and even access to open garden areas. In fact, incorporating plants in a Workspace Mumbai is proven to help the person de-stress. The greenery of the plants are calming in nature. A recent study evaluated the effects of indoor plants in offices and found that they significantly lower headaches.

Activities to Boost Overall Productivity

Want to know how to have productive employees? The key to it is keeping them happy. A study claims that employee productivity increases when the workforce is happy. By encouraging talented and hard-working members to grow, a company also grows. The way to keep them all under one roof is to have a good workspace. Business owners can opt to move their expanding team to a large office space where it’s spacious and working in easy. Keeping employees in cramped workspaces disrupts their performance level at work. Once they are in good work environments, business owners can plan activities which keep employees happy. Be it organizing fun contests or tarot card reading sessions – activities help employees to come out of their comfort zone at their workspace.

Now that we’ve seen how Business owners are changing their workspace, here’s what makes Workafella unique.

Workafella Values Happiness of the Workforce

Gone are the days when employers were satisfied with a bonus during a festive occasion. Now, the current workforce which consists of mainly millennials, are looking for better perks. Several millennials are content with accepting lower salary jobs, at workspaces which incorporate a happy work-life balance. They look for a work culture for a fulfilling experience at their workspace Mumbai.

One of the key things an employee may look for in their workspace, is to believe that the company cares about their well-being. This means the business owners are thinking of innovative ways to engage employee happiness. At Workafella, the coworking company organizes free health check-ups for its community members. Having a healthy team at work means less of sick leaves and more productivity. Recently, Workafella also invited Mrs. Meghna Girish, mother of the brave Martyr Major Akshay Girish. The courageous mother spoke about how she overcame grief. Interestingly she also wrote the book “a journey to find new meaning after personal loss” where she wrote about overcoming the loss. By having key speakers at their workspace, members of the community are sure to develop and source of inspiration in their personal and professional lives.

For better physical and mental health, Workafella also encourage employees to take part in Yoga and physiotherapy sessions

Workafella Offer a Wide-Range of Offices to Choose From

Are you a business owner who is looking to move your team to a better office space? Then Workafella has the best workspace solutions for you. Choose from Workafella’s range of options which include: Custom Built Spaces, Private office, Dedicated Desk, Hot Desk and Virtual Office. Our sophisticated, fully-furnished office spaces are dedicated to teams of any size. The private office is inclusive of in-house logistics, access to Workafella events, lifestyle benefits, meeting rooms and social hub. If you are looking to have a workspace Mumbai that matches with personality of your company then you can have custom built spaces. Our talented team of architects and interior designers will design your office. Workafella also offers one-stop-office solutions for your ambitious dream and cater to your vibrant team. If you are someone who requires a dedicated desk, then we have the right place for you.

All you have do is arm yourself with just your laptop, sit at Workafella’s office space and enjoy a hassle-free work environment. You will have access to an exclusive workstation along with 24/7 AC and access among other options.

Just want to work a few hours in the day? Then choose our Hot Desk which lets you subscribe for hourly or daily time as per your need. Use the space you want.

Another popular element of Workafella is that it offers a virtual office. If you work remotely from home and require an office only for official communication – then Workafella is here at your service. You can have access to a prestigious office address, while you work from any location. Apart from the address for your post and legal work, Workafella offers a dedicated email service too.

So weather you pick our private offices or dedicated desk – never miss out on innovating with a dynamic workforce.

Workafella Offers Benefits Like No Other

Workafella offers end-to-end office space solutions for its clients. The workspace of the coworking chain in Mumbai has 24/7 air-conditioning, access, unmatched IT infrastructure, no customization cost as one of its main USPs. That’s not all, Workafella also has social hub, gym, crèche along with a range of services including on-call doctors, runner boys, mini fridges, shower cubicles, Wi-Fi, Security, food court, unlimited coffee and tea, concierge desk, Utility bills (electricity, water, building maintenance), and a valet parking services. What truly makes Workafella’s workspace unique is that it is home-grown brand which has its roots in India and yet it delivers an international appeal to it. While Workafella’s Mumbai workspace is truly one of a kind, the brand aims to set up more workstations. By 2023 they aim at setting up one lakh workstations.

Workspaces are a reflection of your company. By keeping in mind the points mentioned above, business owners can incorporate elements which will keep their workplace and workspace happy!



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