7 Reasons Why Workafella’s IT services are perfect for your growing Business

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Internet and Information technology is indispensable in any industry, and without it, businesses around the world would find themselves in an alternate universe.  To put it quite simple, the business world relies on technology – and technology that functions effectively is the boon for a business. Usually small establishments use a “DIY” infrastructure that gets the job done – they invest in basic hardware like desktop computers, laptops, a simple phone system and a router for a solid Internet connection. But as the company grows, issues of security, connectivity and overall productivity are increasingly questioned. Computing speed and reliability are important, but what about system disruptions and security breaches? To gain a real competitive advantage, a strategic IT infrastructure is vital.

As office space provider, Workafella understands this. We offer unmatched IT services that are reliable, where you can hit the ground the first day of moving into the centre. High-speed internet, secure access, IT support and more. Here’s what Workafella’s IT services have to offer

Access to connectivity beyond workstations

Workafella offers IPsec Tunnel for inter-city connections which enables secured connectivity between two offices, so they can stay in the same network. For instance, if a company takes our office space in Hyderabad, and has its team placed in Mumbai as well, both can stay connected in a secure network through this IPsec tunnel. The principal advantage of IPsec is that it provides confidentiality between hosts and networks, data origin authentication, and data integrity.

Avail a professional presence with a dedicated phone line

Having a dedicated line for your office means you can list it as an official number to your clients and contacts. If impressions count for potential clients – this might give your business an edge. A fixed-line network, is usually a better guarantee against disruptions that can happen in shared calls

Dedicated network and secured server space for better control

Every organization at Workafella, is given a dedicated network which ensures better control & fast data transfers. We provide exceptionally high levels of security with our secured server space. A dedicated hosting environment is a powerful solution for a company which is looking to scale efficiently. For business using I/O bound heavy applications, such as databases and big data platforms this adds significant value. We have our dedicated server rack on an elevated flooring, which allows more even distribution of cool air. We have an efficient ductwork more which help in maintaining optimum temperatures effectively. Our IT specialists help you address the maintenance and upgrade requirements which will further help optimize your environment.

Dedicated Bandwidth with Redundancy lines to scale up

Level up the productivity of your business at Workafella with a dedicated broadband connection that provides seamless connectivity and uniform bandwidth. This bandwidth is only for your organization; i.e. there are no other users sharing the connection. The speed promised to you is the speed you get. This will give your team an advantage to work without worrying about slow internet connection, plus there is no drop in bandwidth during the peak business hours. Further, our dedicated bandwidth comes with redundancy lines. When the main connection goes down, it automatically connects to secondary backline, resulting in uninterrupted connectivity.

Complete Network Firewall Hardware for safety

Did you know that without reliable firewalls, your organization’s data could be at risk? Any computer network that is connected to the internet is potentially at risk for an attack. With Workafella’s robust network firewall your organizations network is well secured and safe. Network firewalls are security devices used to stop or mitigate unauthorized access to private networks connected to the Internet. Our network firewalls sit at the front line acting as a communications liaison between internal and external devices.

24/7 Dual-UPS backup for system and servers

Our systems and servers are protected by uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which provides an electrical firewall between the incoming power and the equipment connected to it. The UPS offers an excellent line of defence against unstable power, data loss and equipment damage — as well as provide backup during power cuts. The special feature at Workafella is, we have separate UPS for servers so that it’s doubly protected.

Improved data and security through VLAN

A virtual LAN (VLAN) allows network administrators to group hosts together even if the hosts are not directly connected to the same network switch. VLAN membership can be configured through software, this can greatly simplify network design and deployment. VLANs are also important because they can help improve the overall performance of a network by grouping together devices that communicate most frequently. VLANs provide security on larger networks by allowing a higher degree of control over which devices have access to each other.

Workafella’s IT services also offer access control and facial recognition to gain entry in the centre, so that you have a touch-free access.  The centre’s common areas all have CCTV monitoring that records data up to 45 days continuously. This enhances security at the center level.  Move into Workafella and you never have to worry about internet services. Maximize your productivity at Workafella.

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