Top 3 Myths About Coworking Space Debunked In 2022

Top 3 Myths About Coworking Space Debunked in 2022

In this day and age finding the right workspace is crucial for any company's growth. In fact, a lot of companies are choosing shared workspaces specifically because of the advantages it offers their employees and enterprises, such as flexible development possibilities, an environment that fosters innovation and creativity, and the opportunity to engage with a thriving professional community. Although they are very popular, there are many people who are still skeptical and do not agree with coworking.

Let’s explore and debunk some of the most common myths about Coworking

1. Coworking Spaces are Too Distracting

Various studies have shown that employees tend to work better and more productively in a vibrant coworking space. In comparison with traditional office spaces, coworking spaces have a positive impact on employee productivity and prefer working in a flexible space. Working alongside people may seem distracting and noisy for some people but this is always not the case. One of the major objectives of coworking spaces is to increase employees’ productivity by offering a peaceful and progressive working environment.

Coworking spaces are strategically planned and designed in such a way that employees would work efficiently. They are also designed to interact with coworkers and create a network and build social interactions. Additionally, coworking spaces offer a variety of alternative options, including dedicated desks, private offices, and open-desk seating, so people may choose the setting that helps them work best. Coworking spaces are in fact created for smart and efficient work.

2. Coworking is Expensive

One of the most common misconceptions regarding coworking spaces is that they are too expensive and out of reach for small enterprises. This is because people do not consider the additional amenities and services that are part of coworking. The cost of a coworking space varies on different factors and may change depending on your needs and requirements. You can rent a coworking space with all basic amenities and features under your specified budget.

Coworking office spaces are unquestionably less expensive than traditional workspaces in comparison. Additionally, coworking facilities provide fantastic working conditions at a reasonable cost, including a cozy setting, vibrant interiors and great amenities. Considering all these factors coworking actually offers a great variety of services which is affordable and can be personalized to suit your budget.

3. Coworking Is Only Suitable for Startups and Freelancers

It is a long-held misconception that shared spaces are primarily intended for start-ups, independent entrepreneurs and freelancers who can't "afford" traditional offices. However, shared office spaces actually provide all the amenities a company might possibly require for consistently efficient operations, regardless of your business size and type.

People across all industries and sectors have embraced coworking spaces. But even large corporates and MNC’s are beginning to appreciate the cost savings, flexibility and professional environment they offer.  Coworking office spaces are a feasible option for companies across all verticals, even for large teams. Corporations across multiple industries have switched due to their attractive features, such as flexibility, amenities, cost-effectiveness, and more.

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