Tips To Create Your Brand-image While In A Shared Office

Tips To Create Your Brand-image While in A Shared Office

Is Your Office Space Aligned with Your Brand Identity?

Your workspace is a major contributor to your brand. Would you like to be associated with a fun and cool start-up vibe or does a more formal, buttoned-up image suits your brand better?

The office environment plays a vital role in boosting productivity and business growth. Working from a shared office setting is much more different from working in a traditional work environment. Carving out your brand identity in a shared office space can be challenging in many ways.

You must have a clear idea of your brand and how your office space portrays your image to the clients as well as to the employees. So how would your brand stand out when you’re working in a shared office space?

The answer is through you and your team’s personality, character and what you as a team represent or stand for. Here are a few tips:

1. Make Connections - Connections Will Take Effort

Merely operating from a shared office space, does not automatically bring collaboration and a new community of business owners, it is your effort and interest in building connections, and interacting with others would kick-start the whole process. The more you engage in various activities and events the more connections and relations you build with fellow co-workers and potential business prospects.

2. Find Meaning in Your Work

Since the range of projects and companies in a shared office space is so large, work done at these spaces can be more meaningful. When an employee is surrounded by colleagues doing various types of work, their sense of their professional identity grows. If you and your team believe in the company’s vision, it gets easier for them to find meaning in day-to-day work activities.

3. Work Hard and Adhere to the Work-ethics

Understanding your work ethic, working style, and the atmosphere that best suits your needs is crucial. To reach the company's goal, one must be dedicated to persistent hard work, which will bring them to the pinnacle of success. The only way to achieve your goals is through consistent work. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring emotional and physical well-being, and choosing to work diligently toward the company's goals are crucial to your success.

4. Inspire, Mentor and Motivate

Shared office spaces are where various diverse professionals, freelancers, start-ups, artists and entrepreneurs meet and collaborate which helps in growing their respective businesses. They have similar goals, challenges and ambitions in life and thus they share a common platform to collaborate with people who share the same goals. In a coworking space, like-minded people work together to use their intellect, creativity and motivation to make their dreams a reality.

By giving businesses the space to strike a healthy balance between amenities in the space and values, shared office space helps in the development of new products and services. Brands at Workafella have the freedom to customise their office to meet their needs, helping them to develop their brand while utilising the vibrant, energetic atmosphere of the location.

Considering all the insights, if you are looking for a fully serviced office spaces in Chennai and many other locations in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad, do get in touch with us.