Make The Most Out Of Your Coworking Community!

Make The Most Out Of Your Coworking Community

Often when we think of a coworking space, the image of a professional environment driving professionals to succeed is a floating conception. But beyond its modern, fully furnished offices and stylish work desks, a coworking space is home to a massive host of benefits! Whether you’re aiming to be productive while hustling, striving to develop a robust professional network or preferring to work in a people-driven collaborative environment - the community at a coworking space makes it a class apart!

To get the maximum from your coworking experience, you need to craft and adopt a personalized approach to involving yourself in your coworking community.

Here are a few different tips you can refer to when joining a thriving community at your coworking space:

1.      Turn On The Social Mode!

Even if it’s entirely out of your personality, take the initiative to acquaint yourself with new members. Nothing is better than making a great, friendly first impression. A simple “hello!” can go a long way in landing you that next collaboration, finding your next client, to even sparking the most inspirational conversation!

A coworking community gives you access to a variety of people from varied fields, opening up opportunities to find out how your expertise can intersect and scope for industry growth. It’s luxurious to have people to bounce ideas off and new collaborators willing to discuss your projects.

2.      Get Involved In The Community

It’s not always necessary to dedicate time out for networking if you do not want to. Coworking spaces host plenty of community events which you can use to your advantage to make you and your business is known.

Most coworking spaces organize events, workshops, guest sessions, socials and unique networking events to allow members to mingle, share updates on upcoming projects, challenges, and current successes. This is an excellent non-intrusive way to engage in events and social gatherings while meeting coworkers who might potentially help you grow!

3.      Collaborate

It’s imperative to understand the limitations that surface when working individually. Having access to collaborate freely is an integral element of any coworking culture. When you work at a coworking space, professionals with the skills you need might probably work just next to you and might be just as interested in building something extraordinary.

Invest your time in taking a genuine interest in what your community members do. Be inquisitive. This enables the space to discover others strengths and talents! Generosity and an underlying culture of helpfulness are at the heart of everything in a dedicated community coworking space.

4.      Capitalize On The Offerings

Optimizing your coworking experience is essentially about making sure the resources available to you are fully used. Your coworking space provides you with several collaborative business solutions to enable you to work your best, such as meeting rooms, state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment for presentation use, including complimentary servings of coffee, water, and snacks.

The benefits of belonging to a community at a coworking space also extend to great discounts for other nearby eateries, shopping avenues, entertainment options, and so much more through their lifestyle benefits.

5.      Experiment with Different Areas Across The Space

One of the bonuses to working in a shared office space is the ability to choose your work environment - whether collaborative or private office spaces. Coworking spaces are usually designed for different levels of collaboration and community preferences, such as - from the communal open spaces and lounges to cozy private corners and meeting rooms.

Consult with the community manager or the coworking team on-site to try out the area that makes you feel the most at home. If you’re having a tough time concentrating at your desk or simply want to brainstorm collectively on a few ideas, head over to a couch or communal table. These community areas are likely to make you feel right at home.

A community is the stronghold of a coworking community which is why at Workafella, we intentionally focus on cultivating an energized, collaborative ambience where you feel inspired by others and by our workspaces. Our coworking spaces for rent are located across India’s significant metropolitans of Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Book a tour with us today!