Keep This In Mind When Choosing The Right Coworking Space

Keep this in mind when choosing the right coworking space

1.Select The Right Location

Does your work require you to stay at home or meet your clients frequently? If you're going to use your coworking space to meet clients, then it's ideal to be in a convenient location for them. Also, factor in how long you're prepared to commute.

2. Budget

This is undoubtedly a significant factor in choosing a coworking space. When starting up a new business, there are many investments involved, so you want to keep your expenses down to a minimum level. Choose An affordable plug and play workspace that falls within your budgetary requirements. Noticing your monthly rent become a liability for you is the last thing you would want.

3. Get The Required Support

Once you have shortlisted a few spaces based on location, introspect further at what each one offers. There are two basic options for start-ups. You could choose an incubator (encourages mentorship and higher levels of support) or choose a more autonomous shared office space that's open to anyone.

4. Ample Space For Your Team

Your coworking space must be spacious enough for all the team members to work together and share their skills.  Figure out exactly how much space you would need access to regularly. And then look at the workspace options available - this could include anything from a dedicated desk, or a private office.

5. Enquire About Amenities

You may need specific equipment or work-specific amenities for your start-up. For example, if you are working in the creative sector, you may need a workshop or a particular office infrastructure to do your work.

6. Align With The Right Vibe

Every coworking space varies in terms of its atmosphere and community. You may want a highly professional environment, or something slightly more relaxed. It's fundamental to visit a space before you sign up. Go on a tour and let the community manager take you through the workspace and what it's like to work there. Also, keenly observe whether the space is well-managed. Ask questions about what happens when something goes wrong or needs to be repaired and how long it usually takes to resolve. Besides, if you decide the space is not for you at some point, the coworking world's flexibility means it is easy to try out a different space.

7. Events And Engagement!

A thriving space should have plenty of events to engage their community and encourage start-ups to host their events. It's also a great way to see if any networking opportunities can arise and your chances to improve your knowledge. Choosing a coworking space is an extremely important business decision that could stand to either make or break your professional business identity! So, taking your time, keeping an open mind and visiting a few coworking spaces before you sign up is a great start. Make sure to check out our collection of high-energy, thinkspiring workspaces in Mumbai and across many other locations in BangaloreChennai and Hyderabad.