How To Build A Network At Shared Office Spaces Like A Pro

How to Build Network at Shared Office Spaces like a Pro

Shared office space in Chennai is that you get to connect with people who work in various industries. From freelancers to entrepreneurs, in a shared office space, you find people who are creative, innovative, and passionate in their field of work that may be entirely different from your area of expertise. One of the major reasons for more and more people to choose working in a shared office space over working from home or a conventional office is that they have access to networking with other entrepreneurs and innovators. This kind of networking, in turn, helps businesses to mutually support each other and grow. While networking in a shared office space in Chennai, your conversation must be authentic and not forced. Here are a few tips that will help you to network like a pro in a shared office space.

Host as Well as Attend Events in Your Shared Office Space

The first step to network with other companies is to host events related to your business, such as launch parties, exhibitions, or workshops. Invite all the companies and members who work in your shared office space. This can be a nice opportunity for the others to know about your firm. Most shared coworking office spaces offer in-house events where one is guaranteed to make connections with other entrepreneurs. Also, many companies host events related to their business. Schedule your calendars and attend these events to build a good relationship with other companies.

Eat Lunch in the Community Area

Instead of eating lunch at your desk, you can eat lunch in the community area. When you work in a shared office space, lunch time gives you an opportunity to get to know about your co-workers and their jobs. The lunch or coffee recess may not necessarily be a professional one always; it can be a fun, regular meal where you acquaint with other members of your shared office space. This will, eventually, help you in building professional relationship down the lane.

Be Open to Different Conversations

While working in a shared office space, you will encounter more diverse kinds of people than the ones you meet in a conventional workspace. Not everyone will network or converse with others the same way you do. In such cases, be open to different conversations. When working in a shared workspace, you will encounter questions ranging from "Want to grab a coffee?" to "How long have you been a member in this office space?" Be open to both formal and casual conversations as that's how you can build genuine work relationship with your co-workers.

Share your expertise

The core mentality of co-working is openness. While you don't have to share the particulars of your business in detail, you can share your knowledge. Sharing some professional tips and tricks will not only help fellow members, but it will also lead to future business relationships with their companies. Also, while you are at the receiving end of this process, gather as much information as possible from your co-workers space as in business no one knows when which skill will come handy.

Offer Barter Services

One of the trending ways in which brands network with each other these days is by work trade. The approach is quite simple. When you come across someone who works for an industry that offers something you need, you can ask them to provide that product or service in exchange for something that your business can provide. In simple terms, if you work in a marketing firm and need some finance management services, you can get it done by an auditor who is sharing the office space with you. In return, you can run a marketing campaign online to promote his auditing firm. Apart from receiving the services that one needs, another advantage of this approach is that the other members and companies working in the coworking space will get to know about your services. Furthermore, you can also follow the social media pages of the other businesses, share their achievements and events, and even refer them to your clients. This way, you will not only build good networks but also increase your future profits.