What You Can Expect From A Fully Serviced Office Space

What you can Expect from a Fully Serviced Office Space

Serviced office spaces in Chennai are an entity of their own today. What started as an alternative solution for fresh entrepreneurs or freelancers for a decent working atmosphere is now a highly sought after option for any business, big or small. While you get numerous advantages when you set up an office in a shared office space, such as better networking, free amenities, lower rental and scalability, there are other methods you can incorporate to make the most out of your shared working space. Some of the best fully furnished shared office spaces let you get a little creative while at work, which opens up an array of benefits. Let's look at some of the big reasons shared office spaces are the new best thing.


Opening a private office  can be expensive and time-consuming. Apart from the four walls, you also have to look out for a decent interior with all the necessary things like workbenches, computers, internet connectivity and so on. With a shared office space in Chennai, you get all of those important things coupled in a well-ventilated and spacious area, and will be able to afford it all without any: One time setup costs, IT setup costs, Installation fees, after office hour charges, and Exit charges.

Readily Available Amenities

An office space in Chennai is not complete without a bunch of extra fittings that can make your time at work more comfortable. In shared office spaces, you get to mingle with other busy-bees in a pleasant and cooling environment that comes readily equipped with a cafeteria and high-speed telephone and WiFi. Don't want to miss a minute of your work? Save the trouble of finding parking space with valet parking.

Make The Most Of The Networking Opportunities

Shared office space in Chennai opens up the possibilities to get in touch with individuals from various professions. Whether you represent a big firm, SME or are on your own, connecting with other professionals can work wonders to your professional career. Professional networking is an art form that needs to be carefully planned out and well executed to reap maximum benefits.

To get a better understanding, we've compiled some tips on effective networking in a shared office space.

24×7 Access

An entrepreneur's mindset is never hardwired to work exclusively in a 9 to 5 pattern. While most offices follow that work pattern, shared office spaces have the advantage of being accessible at all times on any given day. Having a working space opened at your convenience is a big help, especially if you want to burn the midnight oil as you work towards achieving long-term goals. Some of the world's greatest entrepreneurs have all gone through working late shifts. Here's insight on their work patterns.

Trevor Noah - TV Host/Comedian Comedian and TV show host of the Late Show on Comedy Central, Trevor Noah's day starts at 6 pm, after which he reads the news, takes a shower, dresses and heads out to his slot on the Late Show. Have you ever come across a traditional office which invites you to events during your daily 9-5 work hours? coworking space does! From workshops to health awareness talks to mentorship - you can find a range of events conducted at a coworking space.

This gives the workforce an opportunity to think beyond their tasks, learn something new and even interact with industry experts. Some might even get a chance to work with them. Coworking players also offer discounts and offers which allows the workforce to access and analyse new ideas.