Here Is How Office Space Can Help And Affect Your Business

Here is How Office Space Can Help and Affect your Business

Serviced office spaces, considered as a work style that will spice up the corporate work culture, is getting extremely popular these days. The concept basically involves a shared working environment, such as an office complex, except the complex has more than one office functioning. Generally, if you are a freelancer, writer, home-entrepreneur, solopreneur, etc., you might prefer a co-working space for they weave a magic to your productivity. However, if you are a start-up looking for an office space or a well-established company trying to improvise work culture by changing your office space, serviced office spaces is your ultimate resort. They help businesses grow by providing the right about of autonomy and community. We have compiled some reasons on how serviced office spaces will help your business.

Reduces Your Expenses

If you are a small business or a large business opening a new branch, it is quite costly to invest in a completely new work space. No matter you take a rent, lease, or buy it, it is going to be heavy on your pocket. Also, consider the amount that you will be spending on improving the aesthetics of the work environment, the Wi-Fi set up costs, and other trivial costs like security for the building, cleaning staff, etc. However, if you choose to take a serviced office space for your business, you will not only save on these additional costs, but you actually pay only for what you use. Also, you will have the sense of working in your own autonomous office with your own colleagues. Shared working spaces, like Workafella, offer you options from simply a mailbox address to a 24x7 private office space.

Potential to Meet New Clients

As your business will be functioning in an office complex shared with other businesses, you have more potential to meet more clients. Consider this scenario; you have a digital marketing firm, and the office complex you work in is also shared by a new publishing house, which is looking for someone to manage their social media. As your work is known to them, the chances of them approaching you to avail your services are quite high. Also, sometimes, the other businesses in the serviced coworking office space may refer you to their clients. For example, if you are a PR firm sharing space with a management consultancy, then they may refer you to their clients if they want PR services. Also, as you will be on the same complex, the chances of prospective clients meeting you directly and closing a deal are quite high.

Problem Solving Made Easier

Serviced office spaces always bring various businesses together. What might be a difficult decision or issue you might be an easy one for someone working in a different domain. Therefore, if you are working in an office that has other businesses in the same complex, chances of cracking an issue not only seems quicker, but it will also be more fun. For example, a consumer products company may have struggled in sending mailers or creating a subscription plan, but talking to a technology-based co-located company may help them solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Provides Mutual Support

If you are a start-up, then you might know how much promotion and marketing are crucial for your business. Serviced office spaces give you the opportunity to work with other awesome startups alongside. Support like signing up for services, catering services via barter system, attending each other's parties, or giving mutual promotion on social media, etc. makes it beneficial for companies both from a professional as well as a personal front.

Offers Opportunity to Get Instant Feedback

Be it about design or product plans, serviced office spaces provide a great opportunity to instantly get feedback on one's work. When working in a serviced office environment, you do get acquainted with people who work for various other organizations during breaks over coffee or during lunch times. The benefit here is that you will have an opportunity to view their work as a third person still you can understand their efforts, and they can do the same for you. Therefore, getting feedback from people external to your project yet close to your work is easy. Also, you have spontaneous collaboration, both on personal and professional front, with your co-workers from other organizations; this will enhance and motivate you a lot. Apart from these, you have complete autonomy of your work space. You can work on a couch, on a bean bag, or in a work cabin. Also, serviced office spaces like Workafella are open 24x7, so employees who prefer taking a flexible work shift can be benefited from this. With a sense of community working as well as flexibility and autonomy over the work environment, serviced office spaces are quite beneficial for your business.