Does Your Company Encourage Creativity And Innovation?

Does Your Company Encourage Creativity and Innovation

An inspiring workspace triggers creativity and innovation. Additionally, the more you encourage and support creative thinking at your company, the more it becomes an essential part of your company culture—and an attractive prospect for future employees who value individuality and welcome ideas from everyone.

Innovation is important because it instantly differentiates your products and services from those of your competitors. For customers and clients to choose your business, your offer needs to be distinct and valuable, and the only way to achieve this is through innovation. Innovation can present itself in the form of a collaborative plug and play workspace!

Creativity can help a company manage tasks better, improve staff performance and create quality products. It is also vital in fostering a likeable and aspirational brand image. With consumers now able to get a snapshot of what company life is like, businesses need to be able to depict their inner culture in a way that makes it seem appealing.

If you want happy, productive and prized members in your team, you need to start igniting their creativity to get them motivated. Given below are some tips to get started:

1.      Have A Creative Environment

First, create an environment that encourages creativity. Consider decorating one area of your office with some nice, bright colours. Designate that area to your employees, giving your team some sense of ownership. Or better still, work in spaces which are designed to stimulate creativity like an aesthetic coworking space!

2.      Build Trust

It’s tough to work in a stressful work environment, and even tougher to feel committed to an organization’s mission when you don’t feel supported. If people do not trust you or your organization, they are unlikely to use their creative ideas to drive your success.

By treating people fairly and acknowledging their perspectives, you can help people feel good about working with you, to have more loyalty toward you, and to genuinely care about innovating for your organization.

3.      Have Fun While Working

Allow your team to play. You can have coloured markers, flip charts, Lego, play dough, paint, music; anything that sparks the creative process during brainstorm sessions. If you are choosing a shared office space, breakout areas are a fantastic area to conduct some unwinding activities.

4.      Encourage Collaboration

A major benefit of collaboration is that people with different skills and knowledge can figure out creative ways to combine their assets in solving problems. Some of your team members may be better at identifying the problem.

Others may be skilled at determining which tools to use to address a problem, while others are best at communicating changes and attempting new solutions. Some might be the ones to build the solution! By constantly interacting and sharing information, it’s likely that your employees create something new and valuable. 

5.      Host Brainstorming Sessions

Create a board where you have goals or strategies that your company is striving for and each week you can focus on one goal or problem to solve or work on. Following that conduct a fortnightly meeting at your coworking space where you can brainstorm around meeting that goal. This gives your team the right intention before entering your meeting.

6.      Teamwork

Consider giving your team some work in advance where you have one agenda for the meeting and they all have to contribute with one suggestion or solution to the goal or problem.

It’s also important to give recognition, so that the receiver feels appreciated. Keep in mind your coworkers may (and likely do) prefer to be recognized differently according to their personalities.

Giving employees the right feedback to know which of their efforts are most appreciated helps everyone better understands the impact of their work and what to prioritize. Learn how your team prefers to be recognized, make them feel valued, and they’ll be encouraged to innovate.

This is just as important as the implementation of the suggestion or idea. There’s no guaranteed source of great ideas, but they do tend to be generated by the most engaged, positive employees. The key is to use your business’s culture and processes to capture these ideas when they happen, wherever they come from.

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