Become A More Productive Entrepreneur Today

Become A More Productive Entrepreneur Today

With multiple tasks at hand, entrepreneurs often find themselves at cross-ends, not having enough time to accomplish it all between a 24-hour time frame. It becomes a real juggling act. So, if you aren’t continually trying to enhance your productivity, it’s hardly a matter of time before all the balls come toppling down.

So, how do successful people accomplish it within the same amount of time? The broad answer lies in “Essentialism”.

Essentialism is a mindset and a lifestyle. When you get relieved of irrelevant things, you avoid diversions, and you can concentrate on your most important goals.

To understand how to apply this in your daily workday practically, we’ve broken it down to 5 quick hacks you can execute starting now. Unlocking in 3,2,1, go!

Prioritize Only Essential Tasks

Lisa Nichols says: "No" is a complete sentence. Saying "no" can turn your life around. We tend to spend a lot of time dreading tasks that we agreed to do that have no impact on us. Saying "no" then frees up a lot of mental energy. Discovering how to stop negative thinking and create a robust prioritization process will carve out a lot more extra time in your day.

Instead, use a to-do list to ensure that you do the things you said YES to. To-do lists give you structure, and a plan to work with. Luckily, nowadays, with digital to-do list apps, forgetting is not an excuse. Ensure you opt for an easy-to-use option that allows you to share tasks with your team as well.

Use Time Blocks - Know When You're Most Productive

If you struggle with focusing or prioritizing tasks, time blocks may be the answer. These are mini-blocks of scheduled time throughout your day. During each block, you focus only on one particular task. This allows for maximum efficiency and ensures that you cross off all the priority items for the day.

For example, certain entrepreneurs are most productive in the mornings, so to make sure that they prioritize their productive hours, schedule tasks like conference calls for later in the afternoon.

Work Out of a Plug And Play Office Space!

Working from home can often leave you feeling isolated or subject to distraction. Coworking office spaces offer distraction-free professional work environments so that you meet your desired productivity metrics. Coworking spaces come with a wide range of options to choose from.

Entrepreneurs who are still in their formative years can opt for hot desks or dedicated desks until their team expands. Smaller teams can go in for private offices and a few desks to handle their daily tasks.

Couple that with the engaging events and skill-sharing programs that these spaces keep hosting - you've got the brownie points for greater flexibility and increased productivity that every startup and entrepreneur dreams of!


Your professional and personal life start to blur. You hit a creative wall. Your passion begins to falter. Sound familiar? These are several challenges that entrepreneurs experience throughout success and failure. Others commonly include juggling client and talent retention, partner disputes, vendor acquisition issues and much more.

To avoid mental burnout, you should push yourself to unplug sometimes. This can be as simple as incorporating a screen-rest time or taking a brisk walk to the breakout area at your customized coworking space.

When you're an entrepreneur, it's natural to be "on" at all times. However, this can stifle your creative flow and affect your effectiveness. Take time to decompress regularly - your mind (and business) will thank you.

Remind Yourself "Why" You Started

Motivate yourself and others frequently. Revisiting the reason, you started your business can provide a tangible boost to your personal and team morale. Think about the customers you help and how you make their lives better. Or maybe even your employees and their families who support themselves by working with you.

Either way, multiple people are better off because of your company. The more you and your team think about this, the more significant the impact on your productivity levels.

While every point we suggested works in conjunction to get you on your feet and towards a more productive start, your office environment today plays a more prominent role than ever in helping you perform your best. We understand this better than anyone else.

That is why our aesthetically designed workspaces are built true to this concept. Check out our fully furnished office spaces for rent in Hyderabad and across other cities in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.