A Guide To Coworking Spaces In Bangalore - Start Here!

A Guide To Coworking Spaces In Bangalore - Start Here!

Most employees envision a “picture-perfect workspace” - one that has a swoon-worthy ambience, extraordinary design and top-class amenities to match! Not only does this increase productivity multi-fold but also improves your work morale! When we hone in a little deeper it's evident that the modern workforce is drawn towards the emerging concept of co-working - the ultimate workspace solution for all your needs!

The good news here is that if you are searching for a coworking space in Bangalore, you're in luck! With entrepreneurs and businesses flocking to Bangalore for opportunities, there is a whole new segment of coworking spaces offering fully furnished offices that's perfect for the dynamic millennial workforce.

While options are many, what are the specific aspects of coworking spaces in Bangalore that needs to be prioritized when space hunting? Let's have a look!

1. Location

Location undoubtedly stands first in the priorities to opt for the best coworking space. The location should be convenient in terms of connectivity to clients and employees. A well-connected coworking space can help in optimizing time and productivity by rendering access to multiple centre locations and confers a great first impression to prospects.

When deciding on a location for coworking spaces in Bangalore look at commercially flourishing areas like Infantry Road – one of Bangalore’s iconic localities.

2.  Pricing & Budget

Pricing is an important decision-making factor and despite the size of your organization, coworking can actually save you money, given you choose the right space. Yes, you heard that right!

With fully furnished office spaces for rent, you don't need to purchase furniture, pay for utilities/services, arrange for office equipment while think about the little things like providing refreshments and snacks and keeping your employees engaged.

Simply pay an all-inclusive monthly membership fee to your coworking space and have it all seamlessly taken care of. Do a little digging around to see which coworking spaces in Bangalore have multiple rental plans suited for different sized teams depending on the usage.

3. Networking

Networking opportunities are a huge bonus if you're considering a coworking space in Bangalore. Coworking communities usually consist of a pool of talented industry professionals So if you're a business owner open to networking possibilities, preferring a coworking space in Bangalore that houses professionals from diverse work sectors helps to open up multiple doors for working or collaborating with other like-minded people.

Many coworking spaces in Bangalore also hold engaging community events, including speaker sessions by veteran entrepreneurs, skill-building workshops and much more! Looking out for these vibrant and energetic spaces that are active in community building initiatives such as events will prove to be truly useful in bringing your business in front of influential business leads.

4. Infrastructure

Infrastructure remains the most crucial parameter contributing towards a successful coworking experience. A coworking space should provide a work environment with a distinct balance of flexibility, versatility and innovation for the new age professionals.

There should be a blend of spaces set up as private offices, the flexibility of open space with ergonomic natural surroundings, several comfortable nooks with diverse seating options, and thriving social hubs that make for a welcome break during busy days. Other important aspects of infrastructure include the following:

Access points – The layout of the coworking space should enable easy connectivity to the centre.

Parking space – There should be ample parking space for community members and visitors/clients.

Business amenities are another important consideration when searching for a coworking space in Bangalore. Ideally these amenities should be inclusive of your membership rental fee.

These are:

· High-Speed Business-grade internet

· 24x7 access to the centre

· Business-Class office equipment

· 24x7 stocked pantry

· Phone Booths for private calls

· Top-class communication technology

· Meeting Room access with latest AV

· Building hygiene & safety measures

· On-site service support

Ultimately, choosing a coworking space for rent is a much more desirable option any day than being bound into a conventional office space rental agreement, especially in a city like Bangalore. So, how do you know if you've made the right choice of coworking space? The most efficient way is to have a clear understanding of the benefits and facilities you need and search accordingly.

So, make sure to personally visit these coworking spaces in Bangalore and experience the space before making a decision. Our coworking space in Infantry Road is a much-loved destination for brands looking to scale with sophistication. Book a tour with us today!