5 Reasons Why Corporates Should Go For Shared Office Spaces

5 Reasons Why Corporates Should go for Shared Office Spaces

Traditional office spaces will soon become a thing of the past! With today's modern workforce, conventional office spaces are going out of style. People look for an office environment with aesthetic interiors and state-of-the-art amenities. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, the space where you work significantly influences a lot of things.

In recent times, large corporates are looking to shift from a traditional office setting into a modern shared office space. Over the years, coworking and shared office spaces have gained popularity among corporates and large enterprises. Corporates and businesses across all verticals are switching to a dynamic and flexible work environment.

Businesses are looking for workspaces where employees have the freedom to work in a progressive and vibrant space. Working in shared office spaces offer a number of advantages over working in a regular office setting. Coworking increases employee productivity and also creates a sense of belonging. Working in a co-working environment can positively impact you and your work.

Problems with Traditional Office Spaces

Traditional office spaces have a long history of being too rigid and uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of using traditional office spaces.


Having a conventional office comes with many overhead expenses. These expenses include leasing the office for long periods of time, paying rent, housekeeping, and all other expenses. Running an office space is no easy task and surely not an inexpensive one. It is also one of the reasons why corporates prefer to move to alternate work environments.


Another problem with conventional office spaces is that they get monotonous after a while. Meeting the same people in the same place every day becomes tiresome. This leads to boredom, unproductiveness, and unhappiness among employees. Having a change of scenery really impacts the way people work.

No Social Interaction

Traditional office settings are built for privacy and limit opportunities to interact with people. This also leads to lesser networking avenues for employees to connect and collaborate. People are confined to their cabins and do not like to interact with their fellow employees.

Benefits of Using a Shared Office Space

Flexible Spaces

A coworking facility provides all the necessary infrastructure, including basic office infrastructure, conference rooms, and workstations. Coworking spaces are a cost-effective option because they reduce money spent on infrastructure and maintenance. Workafella provides shared workspaces that are suitable for small and large companies. Our coworking spaces are designed to be flexible and can accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Network and Collaborate

Coworking spaces offer a professional environment to connect and collaborate with like-minded people. It provides a platform for people to interact and create opportunities to share ideas that help your business grow. Workafella provides vibrant coworking spaces that are creatively designed to boost collaboration.

Improves Productivity

Shared office spaces boost productivity and motivate people to work efficiently. Working in a dynamic work environment can really increase productivity and enhance the quality of work. Studies have shown that people who work in shared office spaces are more productive than people who work in a conventional office space. Working with like-minded people gives you a new perspective that helps you work more creatively.

Comfortable Work Environment

Coworking spaces offer comfortable workspaces designed to create a better work experience. People prefer to work in an environment that provides amenities like high-speed internet, IT support, and Power backup along with 24x7 access to their workspace. Workafella provides a unique office experience that allows you to enjoy work.

Promotes Hybrid Work culture

Shared office spaces are changing traditional work models. Corporates are progressing into a hybrid work model. In a hybrid work model, employees have the freedom to get work done when they’re most productive. They can also choose to work with teammates on-site or work from a remote location. When employees have more control of their work schedules it promotes a healthy work-life balance and makes the employees perform better.


Coworking spaces are slowly revolutionizing the whole work ecosystem. They are perfect for corporates and businesses that are looking for a dynamic work environment. Shared office spaces eliminate many of the problems that arise from using conventional office spaces. Having a versatile workspace allows you to upgrade to a modern business ecosystem that helps you and your team, work better. Workafella offers fully functional workspaces that allow you to focus just on your business while we take care of the rest. Our shared office spaces are high-energy workspaces for creative thinking. Workafella’s shared office spaces come equipped with luxurious interiors and spacious workstations that add flexibility and scalability to your business. Our coworking spaces offer a complete business ecosystem tailored for big corporations. We also offer a wide range of amenities to help you run your business efficiently.