Workafella Partner with OLA: Ride Without Peak Pricing

We have realized the common problems that our Workafellas face with everyday commutation. Our best solution is right here,

Tension Free Ride with Uber – Workafella’s partner

Peak time traffic and pricing? No hassle no more, our tie up with Uber will now enable a tension free ride for you back home or to workplace.

Netmed Health Benefits with Workafella

Every organization must take health benefits seriously. Our “Fitfella” initiative gives our Workafella exclusive benefits for healthcare and medical requirements.

Workafella tied up with Quality Health For You

We are a growing community of inspired professionals who work in creative & innovative spaces. Our vibrant business ecosystem offers flexible office plans,

Workafella: Washho laundry service

Tired of doing your laundry? Workafella has tied up with Washho, an online laundry service. Do your laundry in one click, it’s that easy.

Illuminarty as Workafella Community Partner

We are vested in improving the happiness and lateral thinking capabilities of our Workafellas. We have now tied up with Illuminarty as our community partner

Workafella: Financial partners AccuAud

With the hustling work-life schedule, when and how do we find time to audit our taxes? Workafella has now tied-up with AccuAud as our financial partners. Led by a team of well-established Charted Accountants who will take care of your needs. A hassle free method for all your financial assistance is right here for our Workafellas.

Workafella partners with Dr. Agarwals eye hospital

Be in the pink of your eye condition with Workafella who now partners with Dr. Agarwals eye hospital Exclusive benefits for Workafella members only.