Workspace Trends To Watch Out For In 2021!

Workspace Trends To Watch Out For In 2021!

Since their origin, offices have existed to pronounce a well-defined purpose – To promote collective work, bring people together, foster collaboration, and stimulate productivity. As any evolving concept, offices and their nature continue to evolve to meet the needs of the workforce, bringing us to a very important conclusion – What does the future of employment and, more importantly, the workplace look like? The answer to this lies in the course of global happenings in the last year itself.

In 2020, amid the most damaging global pandemic in over a century, “flexibility” emerged as an imperative component for workspaces to thrive. Coworking spaces globally embody this flexibility like no other and have risen to the top to become the favored workplace of today!

Let’s look at a few emerging trends in the flexible furnished office segment and how these space providers are jumping aboard –

Flexible And Open

With employees now prioritizing their freedom and flexibility over everything else, it’s safe to say that workspaces can never return to the conventional norm. Larger global enterprises like Google. Microsoft, Facebook, etc. have turned their existing workspace plans into hybrid office arrangements and turn to furnished coworking spaces as their go-to workspaces.

These flexible workspaces help combat the work from home fatigue that a lot of employees are succumbing to while simultaneously increasing productivity. Coworking spaces go a mile beyond to even transform their existing space inventory into decentralized spaces for a seamless transition back to the workplace.

Decentralized Workspaces

Coworking spaces work to the convenience of the modern workforce by facilitating multiple options in terms of both space management and timings. Under the newly adapting space policies, offices may be resized, timings optimized, workstations utilized optimally, and fitted with in-class technological augmentation to provide the best value-for-usage.

For example, a business taking a ten-seater office may check with their space provider as to maximum utilization or even possibilities of taking up multiple workstations across their centers.

Tech-Enabled Workspaces

With the onset of the pandemic, the need to adapt to technology has become even more pronounced and has led businesses to take “out-of-the-box” strategies to connect the workforce – all impossible without the intervention of technology. Coworking spaces today are completely leveling up their game to provide updated communication technology and collaboration tools that enable a seamless work experience.

A tech-enabled workspace helps ensure that while employees are distributed, workflow is seamless and connectivity is strengthened virtually.

Coworking Community

As a result of the pandemic, coworking spaces play more of a role than ever in supporting employees with a feeling of community and belonging. While it’s easy to work from home, manage meetings at remote locations or online, most interactions are limited virtually this loses out on real human connection.

These furnished office spaces support not only the necessity of having a daily workspace but also a lively atmosphere where you can interact with your peers, network, conduct meetings, and most importantly complete work. They’re inherently social and community-driven.

This not only holds enormous benefits for forming lasting relationships but also promoting the feeling of being part of something larger than themselves.

Smartly Optimized Spaces

To sum up the trends, one of the biggest objectives that coworking spaces will lead with and have a huge advantage over is smart workspace design itself. Say no to dense offices and hello to de-densification! These flexible space operators will ensure that workspaces are physically distanced and airy. More focus will be on optimizing spaces to fulfill specific purposes of the workforce such as collaborative spaces and meeting rooms for ideation and brainstorming.

More than ever before, coworking spaces will turn to wellness as a prime differentiator with facilities like upgraded ventilation systems, individually air-temperature controlled systems, use of touch-free installations, and more!


The pandemic has unquestionably adjusted the way businesses and seasoned space operators alike look at space management. However, with increasing trends focusing on the best way ahead for the workforce coworking sector is sure to lead an optimal recovery incline in the time ahead.

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