Workafella aids Anita’s efforts to empower women in IT

Despite cultural changes and educational gains, India’s Labor Force Participation rate for women seems to be one of the lowest in the World. Forbes recently stated that India’s GDP will rise between 16% to 60% in 2025 if more women participated in India’s workforce. This would lead to at least an additional $770 billion increase in India’s GDP, which would make the democracy substantially richer. Ideally, the country should be supporting more women who seek to become professionals in various industries.
India is shifting its dynamics in its own way, and opening up more opportunities for women to step up and take a stance in the business world.

One organization that is challenging the odds and supporting women in the country, is Anita B.Org.

Founded in 1987 by Anita Borg. The vision of this organization was to connect with, inspire and guide women who were making strides in the field of information technology and innovation. This social enterprise has supported women across the globe. They assist women in technical fields, the organizations that employ them, and the institutions that train the future generations of women with potential in the field of technology.

In India, Anita Borg’s organization has set up their own advisory board, as part of their global effort. They successfully ran their first Grace Hopper Celebration in Indian (GHCI) in 2010. In India, Anita functions as a non-profit organization. From student programs with scholarships, & back to work programs, to code-a-thons across the country and contests for startups, Anita has inspired the younger generation to follow their dreams and improve their talents, while supporting working women who show promise in the field of technology.

Workafella, an organization built on the foundations of equality and diversity, encourages and empowers entrepreneurs to go beyond the ordinary. Today, Workafella supports Anita Borg’s effort in empowering talented women across the country. Workafella has joined hands with Anita to provide them with the support they need to successfully bring together their community.

Workafella is doing its part to facilitate and empower women in tech; the cause that Anita stands for.

Workafella invites all aspiring women entrepreneurs to reach out, for support and guidance that will help boost their professional goals.

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