Workafella – Not just Workspace, A Cohesive Business Eco-system

The way people work is taking a global shift. Younger generations prefer flexible work environments while businesses prefer investing in workspaces that suit their requirements and budgets. They prefer not to commit to long-term leases for a commercial space that might tie them down in the future. Preferences of both employee and the employer determine one factor – the rise of the coworking space!

People come to coworking spaces to work, but as per recent trends there is much more than just a workspace that an efficacious work environment needs. So how does an employer implement a flexible working environment without sacrificing productivity and profits? We understand Interaction with other members has emerged as one of the most influential aspect of this trend, impacting workers mental health and productivity. A look into coworking trends shows some interesting insights;

Most valued co-working space traits


According to co-workers themselves, here are the top highest-ranking benefits of a coworking space like Workafella;

Workafella is not  only about workspace, it’s about enabling organisations create the right space for work and people culture.  Through seamless integration of features that are needed to enable greater levels of work engagement, productivity, and worker happiness -our complete cohesive business ecosystem gives ample space to work and room to grow.

To know more about co-working spaces, take a look at Workafella’s range of coworking offices at www.workafella.com.

You can also reach out to us to book a site visit! Just call 1800 419 9807

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