Will The Nextgen Workforce Fit Into Your Company’s Workspace?

At Workafella, we wanted to understand how important it is for businesses to start prepping for the requirements of their future workspace. So we sat down to take a look at the growing trends of flexible work environments and co-working spaces. Here’s what we found.

The global workforce is changing drastically and quickly! For years, millennials were the trendsetters. But the next generation, ‘Generation Z’ will soon take over. In 2019, Gen-Z will get ahead of the millennial population and comprise 32 percent of the population.

These individuals want flexible working environments and control over their schedules. A decade ago, this would have seemed ridiculous to an employer. But the times they are a-changing!

With an increase in the number of flexible workers such as freelancers and contract workers, businesses and individuals need co-working spaces to manage
their day’s work. The trend is spreading rapidly across the globe with most employers and professionals switching up their lifestyles with the flexible work environments at
co-working spaces.

Workafella understands the rising need for functional and creative co-working spaces.

We provide innovative co-working spaces with robust support systems. Our in-house amenities come with all-inclusive prices making life and work easier for you. From refreshments to hospitality, maintenance, recruitment and concierge services, we cover all of your day-to-day operational requirements so you can focus on work alone.

At Workafella, the new age workforce networks with other professionals through community forums and exciting events!  If  you’re interested to know more about co-working spaces, take a look at Workafella’s shared offices and co-working spaces at www.workafella.com and also at Coworking space in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

You can also reach out to us to book a site visit! Just call (Toll free) 1800 419 9807

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