Will A Plug And Play Office Space Suit The Introverted Business Personality?

Plug And Play Office Space Suit

Shared office spaces are home to a myriad of personality types, though probably not in the same distribution as our general society.

When someone mentions a shared space, the first thought that comes to mind is a group of people who work and have fun in their workspace together. While there are quite a few myths surrounding these open spaces, the one that probably sticks to people’s mind the most is that perhaps coworking spaces aren’t right for introverts.

On the contrary, plug and play spaces can act as the oysters that create pearls out of introverts. To explain how this happens, we need to unravel what we first mean by personality. Modern pop culture divides the introverts and extroverts into separate circles- and that’s wrong because-

First, these personality types are spread across on a scale, not as extremes. What that suggests is just because a person is classified as an introvert; they don’t automatically shun socializing. There are times when introverts enjoy collaborating with others or desire to engage in casual conversation.

Second, introversion and extroversion are far more than a personality type. It’s about where an individual derives their energy from. For example, to work optimally, extroverts need to participate in conversations, while introverts are more likely to observe. Fortunately, modern plug and play spaces have something for both!

Now that we’ve established that introversion is a relative concept and that coworking spaces can suit all kinds of personas let’s look at how coworking spaces stand to benefit the introverts.

1. Believe It Or Not- Social Time!

For majority of introverts, the brain conjures up an endless series of anxiety-racking questions like “should I talk to the co-worker next to me,” “Am I being anti-social” and even “am I disturbing the person with too much conversation” are part and parcel of everyday work life.

Believe it or not, coworking spaces help erase this issue. How so? When an introvert understands that talking to a co-worker sitting in the lounge area is part of the coworking space’s collaborative culture, they don’t feel worried about small things like these. Likewise, they can focus on their task without the pressure of conversing with people during their “work-time”.

Alternatively, a gentle nudge from the coworking community manager to attend the upcoming social event helps them slowly eliminate their hesitation. This is a welcome chance to open up to people and opportunities, something they don’t get elsewhere.

2. Options To Work Flexibly

Whether its “working independently, together” or “working together, alone;” the outcome doesn’t change. Shared workplaces build a feeling of community togetherness, so much so that even while you’re working alone, you are never entirely alone.

For introverts, this represents one of the biggest positives of coworking and why they want to move away from work-from-home. Working in seclusion creates a feeling of loneliness that adversely impacts work in the long-run.

Contemporary serviced office spaces give introverts a choice in terms of flexibility. You can either work with other entrepreneurs when you wish to or hustle away in solitude. They never intend to present an environment that goes against the essence of your personality.

3. The Confidence To Be Bold

Interacting with different people is what inevitably happens in a shared workspace; and even introverts cannot outpace it. There are bound to be frequent social encounters when you have to converse across varied subject matters. While this may seem like a pretty regular occurrence for most, for introverts, this is a big load, indeed.

Coworking spaces are like a training ground preparing introverts to get over the hesitation of talking to someone new effectively. They help reserved people shed this reluctance and be bold enough to speak to a crowd, and because coworking areas are intrinsically built to support the community members, they do so with infinite gentleness.

4. Find Their Tribe In Shared Spaces

Walking into a coworking area is humorously described as walking into the first year of college. The anxiety to fit in is high. However, even while challenged with the fear of social interaction, all shades of introverts inadvertently do find their tribe within these collaborative walls.

Just because most coworking project an image of fun people milling about, doesn’t necessarily make it accurate. Instead, shared work areas have individuals dedicatedly working on their tasks and when the need arises quietly collaborating with others.

This is what makes them ideal workspaces for introverts. You get the chance to work in an extremely focused and productive environment. You also work alongside passionate people in a driven atmosphere that aligns with your mindset.

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