Why You Should Choose A Coworking Space Vs. Working From Home

Coworking Space

Taking up entrepreneurship proves to be an exciting undertaking for many individuals. The exhilaration of coming up with business ideas or products that are novel, unique, and “market-first” are many of the ambitions entrepreneurs hold. One of the most significant milestones of being an entrepreneur is the flexibility you exercise to work in an environment that best fits your work style.

The topmost priority would be a workspace where you can your most productive self. Is it one that involves a fully furnished office in a coworking space or from the comfort of your own home?

Despite the rise of advanced and reliable digital tools that enables virtual video conferences to remote, instant communication to occur from home, working from home can prove rather challenging.

Boundaries: Work-life balance is vital, but working from home can open up many challenges with maintaining boundaries. The lines of work and leisure get blurred, making it more difficult to distinguish the two.

Multiple Interruptions: A quick follow-up to this are interruptions of varying kinds that can make it challenging — from chatty partners or roommates, loud children, sudden home deliveries and errands, or intrusions by neighbors.

Lack Of Meeting Space: Despite planning a separate room to work out of, holding important face-to-face client meetings or team collaboration sessions without a separate meeting room can become a nightmare!

And so much more!


A coworking space where you can take up a furnished private office for you and your team is the best cost-effective solution to fill the gaps that work from home presents. In the startup stage, flexibility and affordable amenities can be invaluable to productivity.


1. Scale-Up Instantly

When small business owners attempt to rent an office space, they scarcely find something affordable that is also flexibly termed. Coworking spaces grant businesses the facility to scale up (or down) as required without suspending costly long-term rental contracts.

2. Value

Taking up a coworking space membership gives you instant access to small things—like coffee, refreshments, office supplies—and even expensive work amenities, including printers, phone services, networking platforms, and many other utilities.

Additionally, hiring diverse employees from different regions becomes more accessible with a coworking space. It is much easier and less expensive than opening a new office when expanding to other markets.

3. Productivity Gains

The Harvard Business Review, according to a research had quoted that people who belong to coworking spaces “report levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale.” This research indicates that people in coworking spaces view their work as more meaningful and are part of a larger community.

4. Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces house businesses across a variety of industries and niches collectively under one roof. Many of these companies are contributors to the local community and economy. You are sure to meet new individuals, swap ideas, and likely even collaborate on projects together!


To choose the most suitable shared coworking space for your business, refer to this checklist of best practices to look out for:

Ask Questions

Contact your coworking space to verify what safety protocols or additional measures they’ve taken to reduce coronavirus spread, especially since it’s a shared environment.

Revised Spatial Guidelines

Since coworking spaces house multiple scores of individuals under a single roof, it is essential to choose one with perfect social distancing policies to keep your distance while working. Some measures look like moving desks considerably apart, utilizing partitions within desks and urging others to maintain their distance when moving around the space.

Ensure Cleaning Schedules Are Regularly In Place

Ensure any shared spaces, like meeting rooms, restrooms, kitchens and pantries, are frequently sanitized and cleaned.

Maintain Social Distancing Norms

Check whether your coworking space continues to promote social distancing and safety protocols, such as wearing masks for those who choose to return to their workspaces.


The Bottom Line

As this period of uncertainty continues, businesses are veering towards a safe and hygienic office environment for themselves and their employees. Most businesses’ smarter and more efficient option is to return to a rented, coworking space which ensures employees feel safe working there while still being a part of a comprehensive business ecosystem.

Workafella helps you decide what’s best for your business needs by figuring a balance between driving your business objectives while ensuring a safe work environment for you and your employees. Book a tour of our hygienically secure, fully furnished office spaces for rent today!

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