Why The Right Office Furnishing Can Help Your Business Make More Revenue – Starting Today!

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Yes, you heard that, right! The interiors of your office space are an essential part of building your brand’s image! And how you decide to furnish it can have a lasting effect on your entire business operations and bottom-line revenue, so you should never take it on a light note.

Ideally, your office space should deliver an aura of reliability, good work ethics and most importantly, a correct working environment that allows your employees and clients to get the best out of the relationship and environment.

Every detail should work harmoniously to give your office a personality of its own. Simultaneously, it should boost the office staff’s productivity without giving off a monotonous vibe.

Your office is not just a collection of furniture, workstations and other things kept together. It’s your home away from home. In all likelihood, you will probably spend more time at your office than at your home. And it’s not just yourself you have to take care of, your employees become your responsibility, and you must provide them with a motivating ambience.

Considering this, you could either outsource the job to professionals (strongly recommended) or do it on your own. But, in either case, here are a few things which should be kept in mind while furnishing your office-

  1. Soak In Your Surroundings

Spend some time and try and visualize your office space from a third-person perspective. This will explain how it may appear to others and figure out what elements are working or not working. From a first glance, what may look like a presentable working area may be a potential deal-breaker to some clients. If you decide to consider shared office spaces for rent, not only should you be taking into consideration the way your office looks, but also consider how the building itself represents your company.

  1. Functionality First

People often concentrate so much on ‘how’ the furnishings should look that they overlook ‘what’ purpose it is supposed to serve at the end of the day. Comfort, practicality, and functionality are the core values that designers should keep in mind while designing furniture. Aesthetics, although an essential part of the process, falls secondary to these values.

After all, no matter how pretty a desk looks or how much it complements the office’s ambience if it does not add to your employees’ comfort and, therefore, productivity is of no use. The good news is that most plug and play offices keep these factors as a priority and so finding a space that facilitates functionality should be easy enough.

  1. Make Comfort Your Priority.

Let’s focus on the basics- desks and chairs. Desks and chairs are the most used furniture pieces in every office, as everyone spends most of their time sitting on them. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, it is imperative to ensure that the desks and chairs you choose are comfortable and convenient. While selecting a desk, ensure that they are big enough to hold files, laptops, and stationery.

The desks should be uniform and standard height to accommodate the nature of work and the person working on it. While selecting a chair, ensure that they are adequately cushioned and comes with an armrest and a backrest.

  1. Lighting And Accessories

Lighting is indispensable in any office as it permits you to work well and creates the atmosphere required to inspire clients and staff. Getting the right balance between being too “institutional” or too dim is challenging, so being able to add or take away specific light sources can help. Your office space should appear well lit but not harsh. Again, ergonomic lighting in most reputed coworking spaces are a boon for employees.

  1. Add a personal touch.

A genuinely captivating and stylish office visually brings to life the company’s mission statement with its furnishings. Let your office accentuate your personality, values and vision with décor. A bright, vibrant wall painting, portraits of people you admire, a lovely painting or piece of art, a few plants or a well-designed company logo placed well is a refreshing change and can turn a drab office space into an exciting and vibrant office space.

But most importantly, furnishing your office goes beyond just selecting the infrastructure and filling up of space. It is an experience to savour for the longest time. Choosing a shared workspace for rent, customized to your taste helps make the entire process seamless, while still not taking too much of your time away from the actual business operations.

Reach out to us today for a consultation with our experienced team to get started. Alternatively, check out our range of plug and play fully furnished offices for rent in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Book a tour today!

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