Why Coworking Spaces Are Naturally Conducive To Employee Engagement

Why Coworking Spaces Are Naturally Conducive To Employee Engagement

Today’s workforce comprises mainly of millennials who call themselves the “creative class”. They refuse to tread the traditional path – be it the choice to work independently as freelancers or shift to a cooler workspace in place of conventional offices; their approach to work and their workspace are very different from the mainstream. So, it’s no surprise that keeping this class of employees engaged can often seem like a challenge – but one that delivers “loyalty” in ten folds if done correctly!

This is what makes businesses of all size turn towards the future of workspaces – corporate coworking. While the observed link between employee engagement and shared coworking areas is quite apparent, often it is disregarded.

Coworking spaces are inherently great at employee engagement because they capitalize on the three main Ps: Productivity, Potential & Performance.

Workspace Innovation And Design

When employees work in formal workspaces with confined cubicles, productivity tends to take a hit. Soon enough, this declining efficiency negatively affects their engagement. But allowing employees a free, unrestricted space to work delivers quite the polar results. It engages them entirely and unreservedly!

How does coworking help in this case? Employees get to choose when and where they want to work, given the flexibility of options between open and private office spaces. Secondly, they are infrastructurally and ambience-wise designed to impel engagement. The openness, flexibility, and collaborative spirit found in coworking spaces are just the right fit for these new-age employees!

The Flexibility Of The Coworking Space

Today’s workers crave flexibility. They enjoy accomplishing tasks according to their schedules instead of arriving at the office and leaving work at the same time every single day. While some may require a rigid 9-5 structure to perform to their 100% competence, others may work better through the night. Alternatively, suppose an employee knows that they have access to their choice of a workspace (open or private office space). In that case, they are also more likely to dive into a project enthusiastically. Unlike coworking areas, traditional offices do not offer this choice,

This is also favourable if you work with a remote team. Employees often lose interest due to the dearth of human contact. When employees are placed in a high-energy, collaborative environment to communicate, share ideas or brainstorm concepts, output increases. This collaboration is what drives productivity. Coworking spaces brim with this collaborative spirit, making them inherently superior for employee engagement.

A Stimulating Environment

Simply put, every employee benefits from working in a different working atmosphere. While some thrive in stimulating offices where they can socialize with their colleagues, others may be more comfortable in quiet private office space areas where they can zone in on their tasks. Luckily, coworking spaces offer both areas for people to work distraction-free while also incorporating dynamic spaces to interact and collaborate.

Coworking spaces enable employees to pursue their work meaningfully and provides opportunities to expand their network simultaneously. Furthermore, shared workspaces are melting pots of diverse talents and skills that exist in the same space. The heterogeneous nature of these workspaces promotes further collaboration, often resulting in a mind-blowing innovation.  This loops back to meaningful work, and consequentially they become more engaged.

Engagement: Socializing And Otherwise!

A dull office that’s always quiet, and doesn’t encourage collaboration, stifles creativity and productivity. Employees can only become more engaged when their office encourages more social interaction opportunities with their colleagues. Coworking spaces promote community, collaboration, learning and sustainability, helping employees remain motivated and engaged. There are spaces for extroverted employees who prefer to work collaboratively on complex projects while also having quieter sections where people can individually focus on their work. A stimulating environment, which is designed vibrantly and is always buzzing with energy and activity, rapidly improves performance.

From a fast-paced setting to enhanced flexibility, each coworking space element drives employee engagement to a higher level.

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