coworking space in bangalore
coworking space in Bangalore
coworking space in Bangalore
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There was a time when companies only relied on moving into a traditional office space. However, with time, many firms found themselves dealing with more obstacles than one.  From the high rents to the lack of flexibility, MNCs were looking for more. With the emergence of coworking space in Bangalore, the concept of renting and moving into a fully-equipped office appeared to be futile to many. Initially, coworking space in Bangalore were mostly used by businesses who were starting out and trying to establish themselves. Today, we see MNCs spearheading the digital world where they have begun to validate the benefits of coworking spaces. That’s because coworking space offers flexibility and better costs.

Here are a few reasons as to why big corporates are moving to coworking

Better Costs

MNCs usually have strong guidelines when it comes to selecting an office space. They look for trendy spaces which look like corporates offices. In such office spaces, corporates need to invest in setting up and maintaining a space, which isn’t an easy job. It may also go beyond the budget, where the end result looks like a compromise on quality or design. Let’s imagine a different scenario: A workspace which is already set up, its maintenance cost covered while having the look and feel as any large corporate office or tech park. That’s where Workafella coworking space in Bangalore play a role. Workafella’s office offer fully-furnished spaces with AC, internet, meeting rooms, security, and over 30 plus amenities. Simply rent a workspace, focus on your growing business, while Workafella takes care of the rest.

Accessibility through Autonomy

One of the major advantages of working in a coworking space as compared to a traditional office is the accessibility. Coworking spaces are accessible 24/7 giving members control over their workdays and hours. If one has to put in long hours, keeping in

mind a deadline crunch, employees can stay back to get their job done. If an individual in the office goes through the hem and haw phase, he can relax in the common area, to feel refreshed.

Once provided with this autonomy, employees feel trusted by their employers. Coworking space in Bangalore provides entrepreneurs, business owners and employees with this structure and discipline which a traditional office space doesn’t offer.

Build a Community

Building connections is a major benefit of working in coworking space in Bangalore. Another plus side is that it facilitates independent thinking while providing a space to socialize. In fact, that’s the charm of it. Given that people of different companies work under one roof, it makes it a perfect space to grow a community. Employees get to experience a sense of belonging at the coworking space in Bangalore and bringing out good relationships to their working lives which in turn has a positive impact on the companies. Working with like-minded professionals can make for healthy work culture. After all, experiences aren’t just restricted to workstations – it is what you also do beyond projects you’re passionate about.

Networking for improved benefit

Most of the time recruiting high-quality talent can be a challenge for any organization. This problem can be mitigated at coworking spaces. When you have different companies in the coworking space with a combined emphasis on networking, it gradually leads to promising business relationships. This further makes coworking spaces a hotbed of innovation as you have talent under one roof. Today’s workforce is increasingly seeking out focus-oriented office spaces designed to improve productivity and catalyse growth. Co-working spaces are a suitable choice for this.

The Right Work Culture

MNCs and other big corporates are constantly growing. Irrespective of the number of employees, it is necessary that companies

have a company culture. Company culture is a lot more than just organizing, it is providing a happy workplace for your employees. Coworking spaces offer healthy support to improve work culture.

A coworking company does research a lot on what makes office environment and employees happy. In turn, coworking companies to focus on building their office spaces to accommodate a healthy employee work culture.  Workafella offers social hubs, gyms, common areas and to have a green office area with plats to mitigate work-related stress. A good work culture helps you feel empowered and shine. This is why many companies are choosing to have teams to work at coworking spaces which creates a work culture that’s conducive for growth.

MNCs are seeing coworking spaces as the right platform for work culture and knowledge, which is mutually benefitting both the coworking space and the MNC. Being a home-grown brand, Workafella understands the needs of the Indian workforce. Workafella offers high-energy work environments for the ambitious!