What Goes Into The Anatomy Of A Great Coworking Space?

Anatomy Of A Great Coworking Space

Before the conception of coworking came into existence, its precursor – the coffee shop- had become an alternative destination for meeting and exchanging ideas, closing deals, and for an overall exchange of business.

It wasn’t truly until the late 2000s that a surge of freelancers and start-ups searching for flexible office spaces for their growing businesses that turned the entire coffee shop culture on its head. Borrowing from its predecessor, grown around a diet of caffeine, free internet, and social synergy, the coworking space was yielded.

Today’s shared office spaces for rent are picturesque workspaces draped in greenery, caffeine on-demand, and host to an assorted network of experts, working away at social hubs, coworking desks, and private offices. The growth of this new workspace outcome is only set to grow with zero indications of stalling.

However, this is greater than a trend as it is kindled by the noticeable changes in work culture – Remote work and flexible working, technological progress, and adaptability of the corporate world.

To cater to this increasing stream of demand, let’s take a look at the anatomical breakdown of a great coworking space and why the millennial workforce swears by it:


Ambiance speaks volumes about a coworking space. When a coworking space shows a lively, inclusive, and collaborative community, an all-embracing atmosphere usually follows. To correctly gauge the feel of the atmosphere at your coworking space, it’s essential to sense the space several times across the day and also on separate days.

There are certain times when a coworking space happens to be calm as employees are heavily concentrated in meetings when on the contrary the office otherwise has a considerable buzz. The reverse may also occur!

But most importantly, be sure to check whether the coworking space will offer much more than an office from which to work and if knowledge exchange is supported?

Often freelancing or establishing a business proves to be rather isolating. Coworking spaces could be your ideal answer to network, lower expenses, and boost productivity.

Access Shared And Private Spaces

Coworking spaces far outshine the conventionally designed cubicled offices when it comes to design. A simple yet significant difference is the lack of a “sea of cubicles”. What you’re more likely to see is large communal lounges, convenient coworking desks, glass-walled furnished private offices, and creatively designed meeting rooms – all pointing to an abundance of space for collaboration when individuals come together. Privacy and comfort are highly valued too plenty of cozy nooks and sleek private offices.

Heightened Productivity

The most essential quality of a furnished office space should be able to accommodate the fluctuating energy shifts in your routine – from the hectic morning meetings to the slower-paced afternoon slump. Great coworking spaces have a variety of work ambiances in the provision of diverse work styles thus automatically more optimized for productivity.

Productivity becomes natural in these purposely devised spaces when elements like natural lighting, ambient music, and regulated air temperatures ensure you’re invigorated and stimulated. This kind of environment is an absolute no-brainer for professionals!

Networking And Community Events

Perhaps one of the most widely held conceptions of coworking spaces and probably the most relevant too is the opportunity to mingle and build connections with professionals you may not meet otherwise. A huge driver of this is the facility of working side by side with new individuals every single day, but also the larger purpose of a community bonded together over much more than just work.

Regular community events are a great way to unearth fresh collaborations and sharpen your networking skills, while leisure events like educational workshops, skill-based workshops, yoga classes, community lunches, and musical jams encourage you to build on those introductions lasting into strong connections—and at times even new business!


This goes to show that despite the diversity of your professional needs, flexibility stands at the core of coworking spaces and fits into a rewarding experience for – Entrepreneurs seeking investors, a creative individual looking to collaborate, or even an enterprise seeking new clientele. Coworking spaces are an umbrella of opportunities!

We are proud to say that Workafella, since its inception, has worked with over 500+ brands as their preferred workspace partner as we skilfully embody the elements that go into the anatomy of a great furnished coworking space. Book a tour with us today!

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