Want To Work Smarter And More Productively? Here’s How To Get Started!

Want To Work Smarter And More Productively? Here’s How To Get Started!

With coworking spaces quickly becoming the hype, a new way to work within the professional demographic, you may wonder what’s suddenly making these coworking spaces so popular.

If we take a few steps back, we see that coworking as a movement was initialized by digital nomads on the move, looking for a productive space to work, which slowly over the years spontaneously moulded itself into a recurring office space model!

This marked the origin of coworking spaces of varying fashions and dimensions, extending possibilities beyond the humble workstation. From rustic to expensive to industry-specific, these wondrous shared offices for rent began capturing the professional world by storm.

Today, most people working from coworking spaces find it a nurturing site of everyday productivity, prolific collaborations, and sequential business growth for freelancers, business owners, startup teams, and large corporations.

This is all held together by some “secret sauce” that only members of coworking spaces experience, indicating why these coworking spaces work expertly as a substitute to conventional office spaces – and why they make much smarter and happier individuals.

Let’s look at a few points in favour of coworking backed by some essential statistics to mark our point –

1. Coworking Helps Develop Professional Networks
Coworking is full of endless possibilities to grow or network as a professional. What makes this thought so remarkable is that you can unexpectedly run into a designer or work alongside the web developer you needed. Almost 82% (Source: Ergonomic Trends) of coworkers state that, since they’ve invested in a shared office workspace, their network has grown significantly.

2. Coworking Spaces Make 89% Of Members Happier!
Working from the comfort of your home on your couch can feel blissful. But after a point, you start to become lonely, and it’s not very fun. You regularly interact with as many or as few members a day as you want in a coworking space! Studies show that 89% (Source: Ergonomic Trends) of self-employed people are happier since they’ve transitioned to these flexible shared offices. What’s more, 83% of the coworkers said they felt less lonely.

3. 55% Of Coworking Members Believe They Belong
In a coworking space, members tend to feel like they are a piece of something larger than themselves. Their social lives are blooming, and their social networks have spread by 79% (Source: Ergonomic Trends). A staggering 80% of their members even reported that they were happy to have someone to interact with.

The fundamental reason for this stems from the meaningful connections nurtured by these shared workspaces—the more powerful the bond among coworkers, the greater the productivity levels. Increased productive employees are undoubtedly happy employees.

With coworking spaces, you have complete control over how you work. Many open areas are great for collaborating with others to create something innovative such as a hot desk. You also have access to private offices, where you can concentrate on work without being distracted.

You can even unwind in relaxed settings like the beautifully ambient lounge areas where you can listen to music in the background while tending to emails. This flexibility to decide how to work is a far cry from the conventionally cubicled offices.

This flexibility also extends to complete liberty of time. Shared workspaces let you work at your productive best without racing against the clock, whether you’re an early bird who wants a desk ready early in the morning or a night owl who prefers to work in the dead of night.

Each coworking space has its unique vibe, and they go to great lengths to foster a novel experience that satisfies the wants of their community.

Thus being around a curated community of people sharing a similar work ethic, diverse career paths, professional interests, or a shared love for entrepreneurial pursuits can do amazing things for your productivity. Plus, there’s a greater likelihood of meeting someone who could stand to benefit you — either as a friend, mentor, or collaborator — the possibilities are many!

Workafella’s coworking spaces encapsulate an end-to-end business ecosystem that is comprehensive and centred on the brands we house. From our intuitive ergonomic touches, plush, vibrant interiors and cutting-edge functionality to our thriving community in-house, we fulfil our promise of helping you work smarter and productive at every step! Book a tour today!

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