Types Of Professionals You See At Coworking Spaces!

Professionals You See At Coworking Spaces

With professionals finding work from home a rather isolating and counter-productive style of working, most are looking towards an alternative workspace, outside of conventional offices. This makes coworking spaces – Community-defined spaces that house professionals from various businesses and industries, working mutually in a shared, communal environment – an attractive option!

Anyone who’s ever stepped into a furnished coworking space knows that these spaces hold exceptional diversity! But who are these globally distributed workforce pushing explosive growth in the coworking industries?

While it may have started as flexible workspaces for freelancers and startups, the scope of professionals working out of coworking spaces has grown as the industry matures. Each professional today has a distinct personality and a unique purpose in using the space.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of employees in coworking spaces:

  1. The Remote Employee

This is the first type of employee one can find in a coworking space. This is usually the case when the employee is part of a company headquartered out of the employee’s commuting distance. This sort of employee works fully remote and may only occasionally need to attend in-person meetings with their teams.

What fully furnished coworking spaces can offer them is access to a quiet meeting space or social hub nook to have virtual meetings. They need flexibility above all else since they tend to be on the move often. Spaces that they can rent out at their convenience works best e.g. dedicated desks

  1. The Distributed Company Employee

This type of employee is part of an organization that has its workforce distributed across several different regions and even globally. Similar to the previous set of individuals, while they might require a private space, their furnished offices need to be outfitted with the latest tech automation and communication tools to maintain a seamless work experience with the rest of the team. Modern coworking spaces are suited to deal with these requirements.

  1. The Occasionally-Remote Employee

This next set of individuals work on a flexible company policy that allows them to distribute their workweek into a mix of few days in and a few days remotely. Coworking spaces help in providing them with access to 24×7 open private offices that can house the entire team according to their schedule. While they have the option to establish a home office, coworking spaces are preferred for maintaining a proper professional balance.

  1. Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are what come to mind when someone thinks of coworking spaces. These freedom-loving professionals are quick to change locations and workstyles – as long as it remains in their control. They are naturally drawn to coworking spaces as these places embody the spirit of these individuals.

For digital nomads working on freelance assignments and consulting projects, coworking spaces have just the thing – aesthetic-looking workspaces that promote maximum productivity! How to identify these individuals? The one who’s undoubtedly posting Instagram-worthy pictures of their latest work desk is a give-away!

  1. Startups

Startups make up another important segment. Coworking spaces prove to be the best option for any early-stage startup – primarily because of the clause of flexibility attached to it. From cost-efficient workspaces when they initially book their workspace to having the option to accommodate a greater number of workstations as their team size increases, these furnished office spaces for rent have it all!

  1. Smaller Teams

Today trends increasingly indicate that numerous conventionally run small businesses too are making the switch to shared offices. These may include teams of 2-20 employees and having varied office requirements: private office spaces, manager cabin, meeting room access, access to printers, and other devices. Examples of businesses that may benefit from coworking spaces are small consultancies, accounting teams, legal counsel, design and creative agencies, and more

  1. Large Enterprises & MNC’s

The growing rate at which larger organizations are partially or fully coming onboard coworking spaces signals the quick growth of the flexible workspace sector. Renting larger private offices or custom-built suites with brand-specific customization is the way ahead for these corporations. This also benefits enterprises as coworking spaces double up a potent recruitment tool for the upcoming workforce.


Ultimately, at the end of the day what remains unmatched is the collective of diversity and feeling of belonging-ness that these furnished office spaces manage to evoke across the entire workforce. We, at Workafella, embody this spirit of diversity through our dynamic community. Book a tour today!

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