Workafella Offers Holistic Safety through Quality Infrastructure

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The search for an office space can make or break your business.

Choosing the right office space is important because it can result in your organization having happy and productive staff. Move into the wrong one, and it will slow down the performance of your staff and lead to unwarranted costs. For instance, if an unsuitable location is selected, there is an inconvenience caused to the office staff and to your clients. The future expansion of the office will also be on hold. Picking the right office space can help you negate these concerns.

Being an award-winning brand, Workafella’s office spaces are specially designed to empower you and your team. Choose Workafella and get access to a fully-furnished office space located in a high-grade building. As a premium office space provider, Workafella features supreme quality infrastructure that’s best suited for your business. Here’s how Workafella offers holistic safety through quality infrastructure

A-grade Buildings

All Workafella centres are located in A-grade buildings, with high-end construction and interior finishes, modern architectural designs, state-of-the-art mechanical systems and technology. Placed at central locations, the commute to our centres are easier – helping you and your clients save time. Our A-grade buildings offer amenities such as valet parking, an on-site restaurant and a coffee kiosk for your convenience.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is a key facet of commercial office design that continues to gain popularity. Using uncomfortable furniture will cause inconvenience to the user, which results in discomfort and a decline in productivity. At Workafella, we have created a workplace in accordance with users’ needs.

The ergonomics at Workafella focuses on providing everyday office furniture to fit the user, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing discomfort. Our specially-curated modern furniture is designed for your comfort and health.

Individual AC unit for efficient HVAC

HVAC systems are an important component in buildings, providing top-notch indoor air quality. At our centres you will find individual AC units which allow adequate fresh and clean airflow in all our spaces. You have the control to set the temperature of the AC as per your preference in your office. Our state-of-the-art systems provide an environment free of allergens, dust and also eliminates dampness.

Our AC system works silently away in the background to create a comfortable and productive office environment for you.

Carbon Neutral Flooring  

At Workafella, we believe that the impact we have on the environment matters. We use materials that aid in reducing carbon emission. The carpet flooring in all our centres is carbon-neutral, making it environment-friendly. Not just that, it’s, stain-resistant and dust-free, which aids in giving you a clean workspace.

The infrastructure of the workspace can play a major role in reducing stress and maintaining the health of the employees. Investing your attention in the infrastructural design can help you in satisfying your biggest asset of the company: your employees. Choose Workafella, and empower your team to work in a space that offers holistic safety for their well-being. Think Workspace? Workafella it!

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