The rise of coworking in India is witnessing an unprecedented growth. Lower rentals, savings on operational costs and a flexible work environment are some of the reasons for the rise in coworking. About a five years ago, there were hardly any prominent coworking player in India. Fast forward to now, India is one of the fastest-growing hubs for coworking spaces. One metropolitan city which is witnessing an upward trend in Coworking space in Hyderabad. With established MNCs and promising SMEs showing inclination towards Hyderabad, the city has been garnering interesting from national and international players. Here are some of the reasons why coworking is on the rise in Hyderabad.

Fully-furnished Office Spaces

Apart from developing a product and working day-in-and-out to complete it, start-ups face problems of setting up an office. With coworking, business owners of start-ups don’t have to struggle with this! Coworking spaces offer fully-furnished offices! This includes provision for ergonomic furniture, modern interiors and multifunctional workstations. Coworking space in Hyderabad provide just that.


People in the start-up industry and business owners of MNCs aren’t in favour of drilling a hole in the bank to set up an office space. Companies want cost-effective plans which also enables a good work environment. And…Voila! The ultimate choice which fits in this criteria is coworking! Thanks to coworking companies don’t have to spend money to invest and maintain a space. Coworking spaces offer meeting rooms, security and other impressive amenities at your budget. All you need to do is work on building your business, while the coworking space takes care of other requirements. Is there a better reason why companies are moving to Coworking space in Hyderabad!

Diving into a Talent pool

Many a times start-ups and MNCs find it quite a task to source new resources for jobs which may either be long-term or contract jobs, that’s where coworking plays a role. For instance, let’s imagine you are a tech start-up who requires a graphic designer for a short term assignment. All you need to do is check for one at a coworking centre! By finding the right person at the coworking space, he/she can work in the same environment you are in, which will help you save on time and money. Given Hyderabad’s diverse workforce community, it becomes a choice for companies to set their offices in.

A vibrant community

Moving to a Coworking space in Hyderabad means access to a wide connection. Coworking spaces will give you an option to meet like-minded people. Working with like-minded individuals can make for a healthy work culture.  The plus side of working in a coworking space is that while it facilitates a space to think independently, it also creates a space to socialize. Given that people of different companies will work under one roof, it makes it a perfect space of work environment and culture. Some coworking companies organize games, events, workshops where all community members can meet and it gives them a chance to collaborate.

Fostering good work culture

Good work culture is an important part of any organisation. It is more than just organizing games. It’s about inducing a healthy and happy employee work culture. For starters, a coworking company works on researching a lot on what makes office environment and employees happy. In turn, they focus build their offices spaces to accommodate a healthy employee work culture.  They provide social hubs, recreational rooms, gyms, to incorporate plants in their office space to mitigate work-related stress. By providing a good work culture it gives employees an opportunity to feel empowered and shine as individuals.


Workafella’s Coworking space in Hyderabad offers more options than one. With offices in Banjara Hills, Cyber crown, western aqua and western pearl – Hyderabad is spoilt for choices. Workafella also offer a wide range of office types which includes: Private office space, dedicated desks, custom built, hot desks and virtual desks.

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