A flexible workspace is a fully-serviced office space which involves minimal setup time and easy rental benefits. The biggest advantage of working in a flexible office space in Chennai is that you move into space without having to worry about buying new office equipment or overlooking maintenance. Plus, the current pandemic has placed the importance of safe and hygienic workspace more than ever. Many offices today are re imagining the way office space have transformed during the COVID-19.

What is the future of flexible workspace?

In the office of the future, technology will play a crucial role in enabling employees to come back to work, before the vaccine is ready and available. Organizations will have to take care of employees who have been asked to come to the office, this includes checking their time of entry to the centre through touch-less biometric, checking how often their place is cleaned and whether their work desks are spaced apart.

To continue to let flexible workspaces have the corporate culture, the boundaries between each work area must be maintained. In-office, meetings can no longer involve a group of people seated close to each other. Now, scattered seating,  will take prominence.

The very reason to keep offices clean is to reduce ‘high-touch’ zones. This will lead to a demand for automatic doors, elimination of doorknobs, tech-enabled drawers, foot-operated doors, elevators, upgraded carpets and fabrics to ensure less dust collection. Washrooms too will undergo a major change with sensor-based appliances, sanitizers and hand dryers in place.

In the post COVID world office space in Chennai, greater importance will be given to improved ventilation and climate control systems. High-quality air-conditioning systems will be used, to allow the fresh and clean airflow.

Designs that allow natural daylight and ventilation systems that help in keeping interiors free from bacterial infection and growth are sure to be in high demand. High-end systems to monitor and evaluate the quality of internal light and air will also hold prominence.

Without events to attend to and office banter, employees may feel as though they only speak to colleagues. Leaders can encourage more meaningful connections through a virtual yoga session, webinars and music or even cooking challenges—anything that gets team members talking about something other than the current situation and their to-do-lists in office space in Chennai.